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Advocating for the Electronics Manufacturing Industry

IPC is the leading global advocate for the electronics industry. Together with members, IPC actively engages in global government relations and environmental policy advocacy that are in line with IPC’s mission to further the competitive excellence and financial success of its members and to protect the environment. Whether it’s engaging with policy makers in Washington, D.C., in the European Union or in China, IPC and its members proactively seek opportunities to educate, inform and influence policymakers on policies that spur innovation, growth and competition, while protecting human health and the environment.


Stay up to date with the most current issues. 

The IPC GR Team actively tracks the challenges faced by the electronics industry. If you have any questions, or if you need our help, please contact the IPC GR Team. 

Education and Workforce

Supporting government policies and initiatives that more effectively link workforce education programs with job opportunities.


Investment and Innovation

Supporting efforts to promote research, development, and innovation in the field of advanced electronics and related manufacturing.


Environment and Health

Advocating for policies that prevent adverse impacts to the environment and health and are practical, cost-effective, and prioritized according to levels of risk.


Supply Chain

Supporting government initiatives to help grow the electronics supply chain in all countries.


Tax and Trade

IPC advocates for fair, open and rules-based global trade.


IPC Government Relations in Europe

Together with IPC members, IPC’s team in Brussels is working to advance the industry’s interests in Europe.

Stay involved in Policy and Politics.

The IPC Government Relations team is here for you year-round. But our success depends depends on active input and participation from IPC members.

If you’re an IPC member who is interested in politics and policy, we invite you to join us in one of the following ways: 


Join the IPC Advocacy Team

If you’re an IPC member who is interested in politics and policy, please join our Advocacy Team (the “A Team”). Visit our Advocacy Center to sign up for action alerts and contact your elected reps about key issues.



Join the IPC Government Relations Committee

The electronics industry evolves quickly - so do regulations and other challenges in the US and abroad. Join the IPC Government Relations Committee and have a hand in setting our course of action. Click here to contact the GR Team for more information.



Join the IPC Environment, Health & Safety Committee

In addition to the GR Committees, which oversee all IPC advocacy work, IPC also maintains a dedicated Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) Committee. If you are interested in joining the EHS Committee, click here to get in contact with Kelly Scanlon, director, EHS policy and research.



Engage With Your Local Representatives

Use the tools on to identify your members of Congress and send emails or make phone calls; or seek them out at their local district office. IPC’s government relations team can help arrange meetings and provide you with talking points and handouts.



Host a Facility Tour for Your Local Representatives

Host an elected official at one of your facilities. You can offer a tour, a briefing, and/or a demo, as well as a chance for them to speak to your employees.



Manage Your Email Preferences

Stay informed on advocacy issues by managing your e-mail preferences. By opting in to receive “Advocacy” updates, you’ll receive beneficial news to keep you actively engaged in the global government relations and environmental policy advocacy arenas.



IPC PAC: A United Voice for Advanced Manufacturing

Learn more about the IPC Political Action Committee (IPC PAC). Contact Ken Schramko or visit to learn what’s involved in signing up.


Stay informed with the latest IPC Global Advocacy Reports. 

Within Global Advocacy Report, we will share some highlights of what we’re working on in the IPC Government Relations office. The articles in each edition cover just a few of the issues that we are engaged in on an ever-changing basis.

Follow the link below to explore IPC's Global Advocacy Reports Archive.


IPC Global Advocacy Reports

IPC places a high priority on government relations because so many public policy debates have large impacts on our industry. We actively advocate on our members’ behalf on issues such as taxes, regulations, R&D, and the environment.




Stay in touch with the IPC Global Relations Team.

IPC's team of dedicated industry advocates work for you. Please reach out if you have questions or concerns about existing or emerging environmental health and safety policies, supply chain security, taxes and tariffs, and much more. 

It's easy to get in contact - click on any team member's profile to send them an email.

Chris Mitchell

Vice President, Global Governmental Relations

Tel: +1-2020-661-8097

Twitter: @Cmitchell_IPC


Alison James

Senior Director, Europe

Tel: +32-472-59-23-49


Ken Schramko

Senior Director, North America

Tel: +1-202-661-8094


Kelly Scanlon

Director, EHS Policy and Research

Tel: +1-202-661-8091


IPC’s Thought Leaders Program (TLP) taps the knowledge of industry experts to inform our efforts on key change drivers and to offer valuable insights to IPC members and external stakeholders.

TLP experts provide ideas and insights in five areas:

  • Education and workforce
  • Technology and innovation
  • The economy
  • Key markets
  • Environment, health, and safety  

One of the program’s first projects will be a report on the U.S. Defense Department’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), an ambitious effort to better protect the cyber security of the defense industrial base.

View webpage.

IPC Government Relations in Europe

Together with IPC members, IPC’s team in Brussels is working to advance the industry’s interests in Europe.

Featured News

IPC CMMC Report June 2021
The U.S. Defense Dept.’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification aims to enhance national security, but its costs and burdens are officially underestimated and could actually force more electronics manufacturers out of the DoD’s supply chain. Read report.
Which Government Policies Worry You Most?
Take our five-minute, five-question survey, and get an overview of how IPC advocates for you.
IPC Industrial Policy Report on European Electronics Manufacturing
IPC has released a study with policy recommendations to boost the resilience and competitiveness of the electronics industry in Europe.