The Global Association for Electronics Manufacturing.

IPC is the global association that helps OEMs, EMS, PCB manufacturers, cable and wire harness manufacturers and electronics industry suppliers build electronics better. IPC members strengthen their bottom line and build more reliable, high-quality products through proven standards, certification, education and training, thought leadership, advocacy, innovative solutions and industry intelligence.

IPC offers globally recognized certification programs built around IPC standards through an international network of licensed training centers.
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IPC Standards
More than 300 standards covering the electronics manufacturing supply chain
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Electronics Assembly Operator Training
Effective, Efficient and Engaging
Available as self-driven or CIT-led, this course explains the concepts, tools, materials and processes critical to success for electronics assembly operators.
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Factory of the Future 

IPC exists to help its member-companies to collaborate, modernize, and transform. As the hub of knowledge in the electronics manufacturing industry, we empower our members to make informed decisions and achieve their business goals. IPCs Chief Technologist, Matt Kelly is leading the efforts for Factory of the Future providing insights on this new solution to transform the electronics manufacturing industry ... LEARN MORE

We are Lockheed Martin, whereby the breath and depth of our products and services reach across the world, as well as the Milky Way. All of which are dependent on electronics. So our day-to-day job to ensure reliable functions of such electronics (mission success), in a sense then, contributes to the betterment of humanity and human knowledge.
Dung (Young) Tiet, Engineer, Lockheed Martin
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Industry Intelligence
Monthly Economic Report
IPC's monthly economic reports provide a data snapshot on the economy, industrial production, capacity utilization, PCB demand, and industry employment.
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Education and Development
PCB Design Curriculum
IPC has developed a series of online, instructor-led courses from schematic capture to advanced packaging and more, all taught by IPC-certified industry experts.
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IPC Report
An Analysis of the North American Semiconductor and Advanced Packaging Ecosystem; Rebuilding U.S. Capabilities for the 21st Century
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IPC President's Message Spotlight
President and CEO John Mitchell discusses IPC's Economic Outlook and Global Sentiment Supply Chain Reports, monthly updates for the global electronics manufacturing industry.
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Your Source for Industry Intelligence
Economic analysis, statistical programs and original research
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Become an IPC Member
Ensure quality, reliability and consistency in your products
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Electronics Workforce Training
Deliver consistent training across your organization.
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