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Certified Electronics Program Manager (CEPM) Training Program and Certification Exam Bundle

Virtual classes held on Tuesdays and Thursday

Workshop: Insight Into Electronics Manufacturing

IPC and its partners Grinsty Rail Limited, Nano Electronics, and A.R.T.- Advanced Rework Technologies, IPC licensed Training Centre in the UK, invite you to a workshop, taking place on 7 March

Advanced PCB Design Concepts

Virtual classes are held on Mondays and Wednesdays

Introduction to PCB Design II–Class 1

Virtual classes held on Monday and Wednesday

Introduction to PCB Design II–Class 2

Virtual classes held on Tuesday and Thursday

IPC Hand Soldering Competition 2024 Regional Qualification - France

Join the French Regional Qualification for the IPC Hand Soldering Competition (HSC) to take place at Global Industrie 2024 exhibition in Paris on 25-28 March 2024.