Environment, Health and Safety


  • IPC members are committed to environmental stewardship, recognizing that proactive efforts to prevent adverse impacts to human health and the environment can reduce or eliminate business risks and the need for compliance-driven activity.
  • IPC supports efforts to ensure that regulations are practical, cost-effective, and prioritized according to levels of risk. 
  • IPC relies on volunteers to participate in its Environment and Health Strategic Management Team, a group of industry professionals who help IPC identify policy priorities and shape advocacy efforts.
  • IPC convenes regular meetings of its Environment, Health and Safety Committee to provide a forum for information exchange and dialogue about the EHS topics relevant to their companies.
For more information on IPC’s Environment and Health advocacy policies or to join our Environmental Strategic Management Team, please reach out to Kelly Scanlon, at KellyScanlon@ipc.org



Protect Human Health and the Environment Through Practical Policies and Regulations

Electronics manufacturers take seriously the health of their workers, their local communities, and the diverse communities that make up the supply chain.


Advocating for You on Toxic Substances
The U.S. Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) governs the commercial use of chemicals that pose risks to human health and the environment. IPC’s advocacy focuses on awareness about risk evaluations and risk management.

Recent News and Blogs

EU Circular Economy Action Plan
The European Commission’s Circular Economy Action Plan is a non-binding policy agenda to achieve a climate-neutral and zero-waste economy. IPC’s advocacy focuses on sustainable chemical and product policies.
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