The Electronics Manufacturing Supply Chain 

  • The electronics industry’s global supply chain has evolved over many decades in response to market demands and government policies. The growth of electronics manufacturing in Asia over the last 30 years led to gaps in the electronics supply chain in other nations.
  • IPC supports government initiatives to help grow the electronics supply chain in all countries.
  • IPC supports ongoing efforts to assess the U.S. defense electronics industrial base with the goal of identifying and addressing gaps in that supply chain.
  • IPC supports the establishment of long-term funding and policy direction for the U.S. Defense Department’s Executive Agent for Printed Circuit Boards.
Governments Need to Nurture the Entire Electronics Ecosystem
The electronics manufacturing industry is at the heart of the modern economy. It is a large, vertical industry in its own right, but it is also a crucial link in the supply chain for automobiles, aircraft, health care, IT, telecoms, consumer technologies, and much more.
The Current Sentiment of the Global Electronics Manufacturing Supply Chain
Component shortages are driving production delays and higher costs for manufacturers, according to a new global industry survey.
IPC Advocates for Resilient Supply Chains
The U.S. Government conducted a strategic supply chain review, and IPC was pleased to see it address the importance of the electronics supply chain. Go deeper.
Congress Signals Support for More Lead-Free R&D
The U.S. House is on track to allocate $7.5 million for lead-free electronics R&D in FY 2022, on top of $15 million provided to date.
Electronics Industry Engages on Minerals Sourcing
IPC and its members deplore the violence and human rights abuses that are linked to minerals extraction in some parts of the world. At the same time, we are opposed to heavy-handed regulations that impose undue burdens on our members. Learn more about IPC’s work in this area.
IPC Industrial Policy Report on European Electronics Manufacturing
IPC has released a study with policy recommendations to boost the resilience and competitiveness of the electronics industry in Europe.