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What Does It Mean to Build Electronics Sustainably?

IPC has heard from electronics manufacturers about their challenges staying ahead of and in tune with the dynamic landscape of sustainability requirements. In response, IPC codified its Sustainability for Electronics Initiative to:

  • Serve as a go-to resource and electronics industry architect, building a community of industry experts;
  • Create relevant standards, education, workforce training, advocacy, industry intelligence and events that enable the industry’s progress toward its sustainability goals.

Sustainability for Electronics Leadership Team

IPC convened a Sustainability for Electronics Leadership Team responsible for identifying the most pressing sustainability topics for the industry and building a strategic plan to address these topics, the Leadership Council will be active in an industry-wide materiality assessment to enable the creation of the plan. Action teams are currently working on supply chain communications, sustainability terminology and definitions, and greenhouse gas data and reporting obligations.

Meet the Team
Sustainability for Electronics Leadership Team
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Materiality Assessment

IPC is conducting an industry-wide materiality assessment to identify the most relevant electronics manufacturing industry-specific material risk factors.

Supply-Chain Communication

Increasing communication on emerging policies and regulatory requirements, existing IPC standards development activities and insights into risk factors and how to address and report on them.


Electronic Design and Manufacturing Sustainability Whitepaper

This June, IPC’s Chief Technologist Council published a white paper, Electronic Design and Manufacturing Sustainability which provides an overview of eight sustainability topics that affect the electronics industry: product life-cycle assessment; recycling and recyclability; bio-based polymers; modularity, repairability, and reuse; eco-design; data needs and management; energy use; and carbon footprints.

Electronic Design and Manufacturing Sustainabilty
This white paper from IPC’s Chief Technologist Council provides an overview of several environmental sustainability matters, tools/mitigation systems, recommendations, and useful resources for the electronics industry.
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Altium OnTrack Podcast with Dr. Kelly Scanlon

Hear from IPC’s Lead Sustainability Strategist Kelly Scanlon as she talks with Altium OnTrack podcast host Zachariah Peterson on how IPC is working to help electronics manufacturers navigate sustainability issues.

Sustainability in the Electronics Industry
IPC Lead Sustainability Strategist Kelly Scanlon talks to Zachariah Peterson, Altium OnTrack podcast host, about IPC’s goals to provide standards, education, and advocacy to help electronics manufacturers navigate sustainability.
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A Sustainable Community

Sustainability for electronics takes center stage in each issue of IPC Community, a quarterly magazine created to meet industry’s needs for information on manufacturing and management best practices and solutions, emerging technologies, IPC standards, government relations and environment, health and safety issues, industry intelligence, sustainability, and more. 

IPC Community Summer Issue
Team Players
The work on sustainability for electronics at IPC continues and a leadership council is one result of those efforts. Read Kelly Scanlon's article in summer issue of IPC Community magazine.
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Dr. Kelly Scanlon, Lead Sustainability Strategist

Connect with Dr. Scanlon to learn more about IPC's Sustainability Initiative.

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