In 2020, IPC renewed its commitment to serving the industry by expanding the scope and scale of research under a newly created IPC Industry Intelligence (i3) program.


An IPC Report on EU Industrial Policy

Promoting Silicon to Systems Manufacturing

European Industrial Resiliency: Promoting a Silicon to Systems Policy Framework


The Ongoing Banking Crisis

What recent bank failures could mean for your business. Read Shawn DuBravac's article in IPC Community, summer issue.



Electronic Design and Manufacturing Sustainabilty

This white paper from IPC’s Chief Technologist Council provides an overview of several environmental sustainability matters, tools/mitigation systems, recommendations, and useful resources for the electronics industry.


June 2023

Quarterly Economic Update and Market Outlook Webinar

Shawn DuBravac, IPC's chief economist, provides a look at the current health of the supply chain and how it might evolve in the months ahead.


Jumpstarting U.S. Semiconductor Packaging

Success of the CHIPS Act depends on quickly establishing a pilot facility for integrated circuit substrates, IPC's Chief Technologist Council Warns.


Episode 4

EMS & The Economist

In this episode of "EMS & The Economist," Phil Stoten, SCOOP, interviews IPC Chief Economist Shawn DuBravac. They discuss latest economic indicators, including interest rates, inflation, recession, jobs and much more to try and make some sense of the sometimes-conflicting data.


The Evolution of Factories of the Future: What You Need to Know

IPC recently convened a roundtable of electronics executives to discuss trends driving the industry’s migration to the factory of the future. A summary of the discussion is now available.


August 2023 Global Sentiment Report

According to IPC’s August Sentiment of the Global Electronics Manufacturing Supply Chain report, cost pressures continue to impact the electronics industry, but product demand and inventories remain positive, leading to a healthy supply chain.


August 2023 Economic Report

According to IPC’s August Economic Outlook report, the U.S. economy remains resilient, but headwinds loom in months ahead; growth in Eurozone picked up in second quarter.


Towards a Robust Advanced Packaging Ecosystem

This report presents new research exploring what is needed to propel advanced packaging forward.



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