Tax Policy

  • Government taxation policies have a major influence on all businesses, including those in the electronics industry.
  • Tax reform proposals are a perennial hot topic in many world capitals, and certain tax policies are of special interest to our industry.
  • IPC advocates for corporate tax rates and incentives that stimulate business growth and investment.


  • IPC supports a fair, open and rules-based international trading system.
  • IPC supports the modernization of NAFTA through the new US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).
  • IPC supports bilateral engagement with China to address disputes related to IP theft, market access, and government subsidies.
  • IPC is concerned about the negative impacts on our members from current and escalating tariff battles among the world’s leading trade powers. The electronics industry is characterized by highly complex supply chains and narrow profit margins, and rising tariffs are causing considerable disruptions and uncertainties.

Export Controls

  • Many countries around the world implement export controls and investment restrictions to safeguard their national security interests.
  • IPC empowers its members to advocate for policies to bolster national security in their native countries.
  • IPC supports export controls and investment restrictions that are clear, appropriate, and reflective of the highly inter-connected nature of the global electronics supply chain.
  •  U.S. Reforms Export and Investment Policies -- Under a 2018 law, the U.S. Government is modernizing the way it reviews foreign investment in US companies. Learn more on the US Treasury’s website.
  • Seeking Experts on EU Dual-Use Export Controls -- IPC is working with other high-tech industry associations to advise the European Commission on technical aspects of the EU’s export controls on dual-use and digital technologies. If you or someone you know is interested in this topic, please contact Chris Mitchell.

Ukraine/Russia Crisis: Electronics-Related Export Controls Webinar

Gary Stanley, Global Legal Services, provides information on newly imposed export controls related to the conflict in Ukraine.



Building Electronics Better Requires Strong Trade Relationships

Negative impacts of ongoing tariff battles among the world’s leading trade powers disrupt the electronics industry’s highly complex supply chains and inject uncertainty into already narrow profit margins.