Welcome to IPC’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

With 60 years of experience and expertise, our staff has answered thousands of technical and general information questions over the years. We’ve compiled this list of FAQs to help you navigate through everything IPC has to offer. After all, our goal is to help you achieve success.

Whether you need to know more about placing an order, want to learn about the different types of IPC membership, require assistance with online certification, or can’t figure out how to enroll in an IPC EDGE course…you’ve come to the right place.

If you have a unique question that hasn’t made it onto our FAQ page, feel free to contact IPC’s Member Support Department at +1 847-597-2862.

Customer Support

Customer Support Services
IPC Customer Support department is open from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday through Friday - Central Standard Time. For questions, please call +1 847 615 7100.

How can I update my company or personal information? 
To update your company or personal contact information, please email Contact.Us@ipc.org .

Where can I find the price list for all the IPC products?
To find pricing for a specific product go to the IPC Online Store. A price is provided for both members and nonmembers. To receive member pricing, your site address must be listed as a member company in the IPC database and you need to be logged in to see member pricing. If you do not see a specific product in the online store or believe membership status is incorrectly reflected, contact Contact.Us@ipc.org for assistance.

How do I get member pricing?
You must be from a member company to receive member pricing. Visit IPC Membership page to learn more about IPC membership benefits and how to apply for membership online.

Do I need to be logged in to browse IPC products on the Online Store? 
No, it is not necessary to be logged in to browse the online store, however, when you log in we are able to identify if you are belonging to an IPC member company or nonmember company. This allows us to assign the correct price calculations to your order. Some products may not be available for viewing if you are not logged in.

How secure is IPC’s online ordering system?
The safety and security of your order is of the highest priority to us. We ensure that your internet transactions stay private and protected by encrypting information through our secure server software. Your data, including name, address, and credit card number, cannot be read by anyone else while the information travels from your computer to our server. Once your order reaches us, your credit card number is stored on a system that has no connection to the internet.

Will IPC share my information with other parties?
Your privacy is crucial to doing business with IPC. We will not share your information with anyone else unless you give us permission to do so. From time to time, IPC may send you information via e-mail on programs or products we have to offer. Please visit Manage Your Email Preferences to manage the emails you receive from IPC.

In which languages are your publications available?
All documents are available in English. Additional languages, if available, are listed in the IPC Online Store.

What are the available document formats that IPC offers?
IPC documents are provided in electronic download and hard copy formats.

  • Hard Copy — A professionally printed and bound document.
  • Download — Available as a Single-user and MDL (Multi Device License) electronic format. A Single-user license allows one user to access the document from one electronic device. MDL is device driven and does not require user assignment. The electronic format does not allow printing. 

Can IPC provide a quote?
You can now create quotes online and save them in PDF format to your computer. Quotes expire in 90 days. Quotes falling within the 90-day limit can be converted to an order and finalized by applying payment online. For assistance, contact IPC customer service to request a quote at +1 847 615 7100 or email your request to Contact.Us@ipc.org

How can I place an order? You can place your order in the IPC Online Store using Master Card, Visa, American Express, or Discover. IPC members can place orders with a Purchase Order on Net30 terms via the online store. Orders may also be placed through Customer Servia at 1+847 615 7100 or via email to Contact.Us@ipc.org

How can I make a payment to IPC?

PAYMENT INFORMATION: Please remit payment to AR@ipc.org

Make all checks payable to IPC International, Inc.

USD WIRE TRANSFER : JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. New York, NY I SWIFT CHASUS33 I Acc# 0018231861 I ABA RTN# 021000021
EUR WIRE TRANSFER : JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. London I SWIFT CHASGB2L I Acc# 0077104001 I IBAN GB32 CHAS 6092 4277 1040 01
ACH : JP Morgan Chase 120 South LaSalle St. Chicago, IL 60603 I Acc# 0018231861 I ABA RTN# 071000013
PURCHASE ORDER:  IPC members issue PO to IPC International, Inc and email to Contact.Us@ipc.org.

I placed my order online. How can I confirm my order went through? 
All online orders have a Sales Order number which is generated at the completion of checkout.  The SO number is confirmation for your order.  All sales orders have an invoice, or a cash sale receipt associated with them. To view all the transactions and order status, please login to your account and select Purchase History.

How can I make changes to an existing order?
You can contact IPC customer service at +1 847 615 7100 or email Contact.Us@ipc.org .


What is IPC’s order processing time? 
Order fulfillment will take 1-3 business days and after which the order will be shipped via the selected shipping method.  If a shipping method is not selected, IPC will default to FedEx Ground for domestic and FedEx International Economy for anything outside of the United States. Please note, some items may ship separately.

Order status is available online by logging into your IPC online store account or by contacting customer service at +1 847 615 7100, or via email request to Contact.Us@ipc.org .

Will my order be shipped next day with expedited shipping?

No, regardless of shipping method order fulfillment will take 1-3 business days after which the order will be shipped via the expedite shipping method selected.

Are IPC products dual use?
While the harmonization code we use for our standards could be considered dual use, in the case of IPC, our standards are NOT classified as dual use. Under the European regulations, dual use products would be initially designed for military use and could also be applicable in other capacities. IPC products are not included on the ITAR list (International Trade and Arms Regulations).

Is IPC ISO certified?
IPC is a trade association and does not maintain an ISO certification.

What is IPC’s HTS code (Harmonized Tariff Schedule code) ?
Hard Copy Standards HST #4901.99.0050 - Technical, scientific and professional books.
COO (Country of Origin): United States of America

Do the IPC standards have an ECCN number or Schedule B number? 
Our products fall under the EAR99 (NLR) designation and are ITAR exempt. We do not, therefore, have an ECCN #. Our Schedule B # is 4911.10.0050 for the standards documents.

Are IPC standards documents already export rated? 
Our products fall under the EAR99 (NLR) designation and are ITAR exempt. We do not, therefore, have an ECCN #. Our Schedule B # is 4911.10.0050 for the standards documents.

Can IPC bill to a non-member address and ship to a member address? 
Yes, IPC can do that. Prepayments by credit card, check or wire transfer are required. You will need to contact 
Contact.Us@ipc.org with your request.

What is IPC’s shipping and handling policy?
Your order will be shipped via FedEx Ground if shipped within the United States and via FedEx International Economy when shipped Outside the United States, unless otherwise specified at the time when your order is placed.

Why do you charge a handling fee?
All orders have a small handling fee which is shown on the documentation. Orders that are placed with your-own shipping account will show a small handling fee as a separate charge. The handling fee is to offset the cost of processing your order.

What is IPC’s return policy?
You may return any item within 21 days of receipt, except for downloadable products, graphic images, CQI (Certification Exam Credits), IPC EDGE material or specified documents, for a full refund excluding shipping and handling. 

Does IPC offer quantity discount? 
A ten percent quantity discount is applied to a quantity of twenty or more of the same item when purchased on a single order. The discount does not apply to certification exam credits or IPC EDGE 2.0 products.

Are IPC products available for resale?
An IPC distributor agreement is required to resell IPC products. Otherwise IPC products are not for resale.

What do I do if I have a question about the content of a standard?
For technical questions about IPC standards or specifications, e-mail Contact.Us@ipc.org .

I purchased a downloadable document but am having an issue opening/viewing it. 
As the downloadable file is in PDF format, you need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. The popup blocker may be preventing the download job from running, please allow for the popup to run. Switching to a different browser (like Google Chrome or Firefox) may help. Internet Explorer can have issues and cause the problem. If you continue to have issues with the download, please contact IPC Member Support department at +1 847 615 7100 or e-mail Contact.Us@ipc.org and we will work with you to fix the issue. If this is a Digital Rights Management document (DRM) please see DRM Frequently Asked Questions.

Why can’t I see the downloadable document that I purchased? 
Please contact the IPC Member Support team via email Contact.Us@ipc.org or by phone +1 847 615 7100 with the transaction number associated with the order and we will be glad to research your inquiry. 

Are there any restrictions on using images from IPC standards?
Images found in IPC standards are copyright protected and require the user to make a request in writing for permission to use the images. Customers need to submit a request to Contact.Us@ipc.org .  The request should include name of the standard, the page number and identify specific images by number. Depending on the quantity of images there may be a charge for use of the images. The customer will comply with the legal requirements of use once permission is granted by IPC.

IPC Membership

How do I become an IPC member?
To become an IPC member, please complete the IPC Online Membership Application and choose the appropriate membership category and company revenue if appropriate*.  After your membership application is approved and payment is received your member benefits will be activated. If your company has not previously been an IPC member, you could be eligible to get 50% off your first-year member dues!  *Company global annual revenue amount is subject to review and verification as part of the membership application process.

Are there requirements for becoming an IPC member?
To qualify for a membership, your company needs to be part of the electronics manufacturing industry supply chain. IPC is a trade association and memberships are sold to companies, not individuals. 

What is different about IPC membership beginning January 1, 2021?
IPC now offers a full company-membership instead of the previous site-based membership. Employees in every location of a member company will be able to access IPC membership benefits.

What is the new annual membership dues structure?
The new dues structure is based on the company’s global annual revenue in equivalent US ($) or company category.  Learn more…

Why are there two separate membership dues schedules: Company and Company using an IPC Standards Subscription?
Purchasing a subscription to IPC standards is available through select IPC authorized distributors and requires an IPC membership. A subscription provides convenient access to a wide variety of IPC standards to users and adheres to a separate member dues schedule (in addition to the cost of the subscription.)

What if my membership term started before the company-based model is introduced on January 1, 2021?
The new dues rate will take effect upon your renewal notice in 2021 or in subsequent years if you had a 2 or 3-year membership term.

What if my company has site-based membership for multiple sites with different membership dates?
A company with multiple sites expiring on different dates will renew to the company model upon the earliest renewal date. Please contact the Member Support Team if you have questions about consolidating your existing member sites into a company membership at Contact.Us@ipc.org

Will site-based membership be available after January 1, 2021?
As of January 1, 2021, IPC will no longer offer site-based membership.

With the new membership model, how will the member benefits change?
With company-based membership, all company sites and all employees globally can utilize IPC membership.  For more information on the latest member benefits visit ipc.org/membership

Does the 50% first-time first-year discount apply to company-based membership?
Yes. Sign up as a new IPC member and get 50% off your first year’s membership if your company has not been a member in the past. Past membership will be verified upon receipt of your application.   

Does the multi-year discount apply to company-based membership?
Yes.  Sign up for multiple years and save!  Receive a 15% discount on a three-year membership and a 10% discount on a two-year membership.  Discounts apply when multi-year membership is purchased on the same order.   

Can I combine membership dues discounts?
Yes. The 50% first year discount and the multi-year discount can be combined. 

Under the new company-based IPC membership, will I continue to receive membership to WHMA?
Yes, WHMA membership is included with IPC membership.

What if I am not sure my site/location has been a member before? 
To verify your membership history, please email at Contact.Us@ipc.org . If you have a previous membership history with IPC, the first-time, first-year membership rate will not apply.

Will my membership ever expire? If so, when?
IPC offers one-year and multiple-year membership terms. Please contact our Member Support team at Contact.Us@ipc.org  to find out the exact expiration date of your current membership.

How can I renew my membership?
To renew your membership, please complete the IPC Membership Renewal Form.  Renewal dues are based on company global annual revenue reported in our system. If your company’s revenue needs to be updated, please contact IPC at Contact.Us@ipc.org before completing the renewal form. Company global annual revenue is subject to review and verification. 

How can I view my company’s membership status?
To view your company’s membership status, please login to My IPC Dashboard.  If you do not have an account with IPC, you can Register to create an account and then view My IPC Dashboard. You will be able to see your company’s membership status when your account has been associated with your company account.

How can we pay for membership?
All membership dues are in U.S. dollars. We accept payment by credit card, check or wire transfer.  Purchase Orders are not accepted to establish membership. Credit card payment can be made as part of the online membership application at www.ipc.org/Renew-Today or by calling customer service at +1 847 615 7100. 

PAYMENT INFORMATION: Please remit payment to AR@ipc.org

Make all checks payable IPC International, Inc.   

USD WIRE TRANSFER: JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. New York, NY
I SWIFT CHASUS33 I Acc# 0018231861 I ABA RTN# 021000021

EUR WIRE TRANSFER: JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. London
I SWIFT CHASGB2L I Acc# 0077104001 I IBAN GB32 CHAS 6092 4277 1040 01

How can a member update contact information?
Changes to your contact information such as name, email address and phone number, can be requested by contacting Contact.Us@ipc.org .

Can I, as an IPC Member, see a list of all IPC member companies?
In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which became effective on May 25, 2018, we have removed the downloadable list of members from our website. You can now access information on IPC members who have opted in to being listed on IPC Global Marketplace. In the search ‘advanced options,’ select “IPC Member” to see IPC member companies in your results. View the IPC privacy policy.

My member company information is incorrectly listed on the Global Marketplace.  How can I update the information?
Each company designee is able to edit their company listing by logging in to https://ipc.multiview.com/.



WHMA Membership

How do I become a WHMA member?
WHMA membership is included with IPC membership. To become an IPC member, apply online

Are there requirements for becoming a WHMA member?
No. Based on the agreement between WHMA and IPC, membership is managed by IPC. Joining IPC provides you the same benefits of WHMA and IPC. 

I'm with a WHMA/IPC member company and am not receiving member benefits or able to log-in to members only.
An account needs to be created for you in our database.  Please send your name, company, city, state, country and your direct e-mail to Contact.Us@ipc.org . You will receive a message to create a password to log-in to members only in the future.

How much does WHMA membership cost?
Based on the agreement between WHMA and IPC, membership is managed by IPC. Joining IPC provides you the benefits of both WHMA and IPC. View information on IPC Membership.

If I have been a WHMA member but am new to IPC, do I get the first year, first time discount on membership due?

Why have WHMA membership rates changed?
Based on the agreement between WHMA and IPC, membership is managed by IPC. Joining IPC provides you the benefits of both WHMA and IPC. View information on IPC Membership.

Did WHMA join IPC, is WHMA no longer an association?
WHMA and IPC reached an affiliation agreement, and both organizations remain as separate associations. As part of the agreement IPC will manage the day-to-day operations for WHMA.

How do I change my WHMA company information?
Please submit your request to Contact.Us@ipc.org and we will update your records accordingly.

How do I get updates from WHMA?
Just complete the simple form Sign up for email update from WHMA at the bottom of the https://whma.org/ web page. 

How can I post jobs on the WHMA website?
Members who are Wire Harness Manufacturers and Suppliers to the wire harness industry can post jobs on the WHMA website as part of the member benefit.  To post a job, you will need WHMA login credentials.  If you lost your WHMA login password, follow this link to Reset Password. If you’ve never logged in to the WHMA website or if you are not sure you have an account, email Contact.Us@ipc.org

Training and Certification

Training and Certification Frequently Asked Questions are housed here:



How do I login to IPC's websites?

Enter your email address and password and click the "Log In" button.

Note: Passwords are case-sensitive. Also, our login forms no longer accept a username; you must login with the email address associated with your record in our database.

How do I reset my password?

  1. To set/reset your password, visit www.ipc.org/password.
  2. Enter your email address and click “Send Email.”
  3. Check your email for a message with the subject “Your IPC Login Account - Reset Password” and click on the link provided.
  4. Enter a new password into the form and click “Change Password.”
  5. You may now use your email address and your new password to login. *

* If you saved your password in your browser, you must type your new password into the login form. You will be prompted to update the saved password in your browser.

I requested to reset my password, but I never received an email. What happened?

If you do not receive an email from us within 15 minutes, check your junk/spam folder.

If the email is not in your junk/spam folder, it is possible that your company's spam filter is blocking our emails. To ensure you receive emails from IPC's online systems, please work with your IT department to whitelist the following domain and/or IP addresses  in your email filter. Once this is complete, return to www.ipc.org/password to request a new password reset email.

  • ipc.org

How can I update the email address on my account?

For security purposes, our online systems do not allow you to change your email address online. To request an update to your email address, send an email to contact.us@ipc.org with the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your company name and address
  • Your old email address
  • Your new email address

Once your email address has been changed in our database, you will be required to reset your password. Visit www.ipc.org/password to request a password reset email.

For security purposes, all saved credit cards associated with your account will be deleted when your email address is updated.

Can IPC send me a password reset email for my co-worker?

No. For security purposes, the password reset link can only be sent to the email address associated with an individual's user account.

I received the password reset email but when I click on the link, I receive a message that the link has expired.

For security purposes, the password reset link expires 30 minutes after it is sent to you. Once the link has expired, you must return to www.ipc.org/password to request a new password reset email.


What is an IPC Standard? 
An IPC standard is a set of rules, criteria, guidelines and characteristics for procedures, products, and processes developed by electronics industry experts in their fields.  Standards allow manufacturers, customers, and suppliers to understand one another more clearly.  Standards allow manufacturers greater efficiencies when they set up their processes to meet industry standards, allowing them to offer their customers quality products at a reasonable price.  IPC publishes standards for many steps of the printed circuit manufacturing and assembly processes, from design to final acceptance. To purchase a standard visit IPC Online Store and to see all the standards currently used by industry download the IPC Standards Tree.

Why are standards required?
Standards are required to assure uniformity and consistency throughout all facets of a products life cycle from:  design, supply, manufacturing, and final assembly. Compliance to standards results in universal product acceptance and quality of products developed.

Who develops IPC standards? 
A technical committee comprised of volunteers who are experts in the subject matter of interest develops IPC standards. These members represent a broad cross section of the electronics industry reflecting the various elements of the supply chain: designers, suppliers, and manufacturers. Each of these committees have their own subcommittee. Check this list to see committees and subcommittees.

What is the review cycle on existing standards? 
Most standards are on a three-year review cycle.

Why do we charge for standards?
IPC spends hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to support IPC’s volunteers in the standards and publications development process.  There are many rounds of drafts sent out for evaluation and the committees spend hundreds of hours in review and development.  IPC’s staff attends and participates in committee activities, typesets and circulates document drafts, and follows all necessary procedures to qualify for ANSI approval.

IPC’s membership dues have been kept low to allow as many companies as possible to participate.  Therefore, the standards and publications revenue is necessary to complement dues revenue.

How do I find information on IPC documents under development?
IPC provides a status of standardization that shows the status of IPC documents under development.  Once published, the documents are available from the IPC Online Store.

What is a red line document?  
A redline document is a document that shows all tracked changes that were captured during the revision process. With a redline version, you can quickly spot sections that have been changed and tell specifically what has been changed from the previous edition, saving time and confusion.

Why would I need a red line document?
The red line document helps a user see the significant changes from a previous revision.

What is a document amendment? 
Amendments are documents that show revisions to the main document. Amendments are only published within the life cycle of the main document from one revision to the next revision.

What is a document addendum? 
An addendum is a document for a specific industry that requires special specifications that are not met in the base document.  An addendum cannot stand on its own merit as a standard and requires the base document, when addressing specific topics for a given industry.

What is a free member document? 
A free member document is a benefit for IPC member companies which provides them with one free copy of a new or revised standard when they are released to the public for sale. Amendments, addendums and translations do not qualify as free member documents.  Free member documents are DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected and are not allowed for print or screenshot. For an FAQ on Digital Rights Management document (DRM) please see DRM Frequently Asked Questions.

Which standards/documents have related training and certification programs?
Currently the following standards have related training and certification programs:
IPC-A-610, J-STD-001, IPC/WHMA-A-620, IPC-7711/21, IPC-A-600 and IPC-6012.

Does IPC offer subscription service to standards?
Please contact Contact.Us@ipc.org for information.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) Single User DRM documents

What is digital rights management (DRM)?
Digital rights management (DRM) is a way for IPC to protect its published documents from piracy or other unauthorized distribution. It is an assurance that the document(s) IPC customers purchase will not be used by others who have not purchased the documents.

Why does IPC DRM-protect standards?
IPC is protecting the intellectual property that has been developed by industry for industry. This protection also provides an added level of security for ensuring the documents you purchase or receive as a free member benefit are not being pirated or stolen for use by others. The DRM protection matches the agreements of our single-user license agreements.

What is FileOpen DRM?
FileOpen DRM is a utility IPC selected for ensuring published electronic documents can be opened only by people who have permission to do so. The utility uses a free plugin for Adobe to verify with an IPC FileOpen permission server that the user is authorized by IPC to open the document. This is a similar process to opening a book purchased through Amazon or music purchased through iTunes.

IPC selected FileOpen DRM for two reasons:

1. Many IPC members and customers (i.e., those who have purchased subscriptions to IPC documents through other IPC partners) already use FileOpen DRM to access documents published by IPC and other standards developers.

2. It uses a free plugin utility for Adobe. There is no “reader” software required to open DRM-protected IPC documents, and most users already have Adobe or can download Adobe Reader at no cost.

How does FileOpen DRM work?
When the user attempts to open a DRM-protected IPC document for the first time, the plugin will prompt the user for their credentials. The plugin will then ping the IPC FileOpen permission server to verify the user has permission to open the standard. If the user has permission, the document will open normally in Adobe. If not, the user will receive an error message with instructions.

Users will not be prompted for credentials on subsequent opens of the same document.

Note: To open a DRM-protected document for the first time, you must be connected to the Internet.

How do I get the FileOpen DRM plugin for Adobe?
You will receive a link to download the FileOpen DRM plugin for Adobe when you attempt to open a DRM-protected for the first time on a device. You can also download the plugin at https://plugin.fileopen.com/all.aspx.


I already use FileOpen DRM-protected documents. Will I need to reinstall the plugin?
No. If you already have the FileOpen plugin for Adobe on your device, you will not need to reinstall a plugin. This is one of the primary reasons IPC selected FileOpen as its DRM utility.

You will still be prompted for your credentials the first time you attempt to open an IPC document with FileOpen DRM protection.

How do I know if I have the FileOpen plugin for Adobe on my machine?
Open Adobe and click on the Help drop-down menu item. Click on About Third-Party Plugins menu item. If you see FileOpen Client in that list, you already have the plugin installed.

Does FileOpen work on any device or operating system?
FileOpen is supported by Windows, Macintosh, iOS Android. Visit the FileOpen plugin installer page (https://plugin.fileopen.com/all.aspx) for system requirements.

What is the IPC FileOpen permission server?
This is a database of users and DRM-protected IPC documents which the FileOpen plugin for Adobe contacts to determine if a user has permission to open a document.

Do I need to be online to open the document?
Users only need to be online the first time they open the document, so the IPC DRM server can verify your permission to open the document. After that first login, they do not need to be online to reopen the document.

How does FileOpen DRM work for single-device documents?
For single-device documents, when the user attempts to open a DRM-protected IPC document for the first time, the plugin will prompt the user for their credentials. The plugin will ping the IPC FileOpen permission server to verify the user has permission to open the standard. If the user has permission, the document will open normally in Adobe. If not, the user will receive an error message with instructions.

Users will not be prompted for credentials on subsequent opens of the same document.

Note: To open a DRM-protected document for the first time, you must be connected to the Internet.

Can I open my DRM-protected document on multiple devices?
You can only open a DRM-protected document on multiple devices if it is a multiple-device DRM document.

If you purchased a single-device DRM document, the IPC FileOpen permission server will consider the first device you use to open a DRM-protected IPC document as your device. Consider this before opening your first DRM-protected IPC document.

Can other users open their IPC DRM-protected documents on my device?
No. FileOpen DRM is device-specific. If you attempt to open a DRM-protected document on a device registered under another IPC user, you will receive a prompt from the IPC FileOpen permission server that you are not the authorized IPC DRM account for the device.

If you share a device with another IPC DRM-protected document user, email Contact.Us@ipc.org for guidance.


What happens if I change my primary device (i.e., received a replacement work computer)?
Once you have registered a document(s) to your device, you will not be able to open it on other devices without contact IPC to set up a device switch for you. Email Contact.Us@ipc.org if you need to change your device.

I am an IPC member company. Can I change the end-user for the documents I receive as a free member benefit?
Yes. To reassign a document or documents to a different end-user, email Contact.Us@ipc.org. If you are the primary contact for multiple sites of an Enterprise Membership, IPC encourages you to provide separate contact information for people from those other sites who should receive the documents that are part of your member benefit.

If I work for a defense agency or contractor, can I still use DRM-protected documents?
Some defense agencies and contractors have reported that their version of Adobe does not support DRM. These agencies use Nuance Power and/or Edge, which both support DRM. If Adobe does not work, try these apps, consult with your IT department and/or contact Contact.Us@ipc.org for assistance.

IPC FileOpen DRM and I.H.S. FileOpen DRM
If your company has an I.H.S. subscription, and you have issues accessing a document on the I.H.S. server, contact your I.H.S. representative. Although IPC and I.H.S. both use FileOpen, the credentials are different. You can also contact Contact.Us@ipc.org for help.

Is the IPC DRM-protected document stored online?
No. You can save the DRM-protected document directly to your device. The only online activity that occurs is the FileOpen plugin pinging the IPC FileOpen permission server with your credentials to confirm your permission to open the document.

Does a DRM-protected IPC document work differently from other IPC documents I use?
No. Aside from the plugin contacting the permission server with your credentials on the first use, the IPC document works the same. The only unique thing you will notice is the watermark on each page which identifies you as the owner of the document.

Why does IPC need my contact information for me to open a DRM-protected IPC document?
IPC needs a minimum of first name, last name and email address to set up a user with access to DRM-protected documents. The IPC FileOpen permission server uses this minimum information to verify access to a DRM-protected IPC document.

What should I do if I am ordering DRM-protected IPC documents for other people?
If you are a purchasing agent for your company, IPC distributor, etc., please plan to have the first name, last name and email address for each user when you place your order. Once your order has been processed, IPC will send the login credentials directly to those users.

You should also consider placing an order for a multiple-device version of the DRM-protected document. This version of DRM does not require credentials. See the Multi-Device FAQ.

Can I email myself a DRM-protected IPC document for access on another device (i.e., home computer for a document purchased by my employer)?
You will only be able to open the document on your primary device. If this is a document purchased by your employer for work use, you may be limited to the device for your company. If you purchased the document for yourself but opened it on your work computer and would like to change the device to a home computer or other personal device, email Contact.Us@ipc.org.


What if an employee leaves our company and a new employee will need access to the documents we purchased for the original employee?
IPC can help with these instances to change access to the document. Email Contact.Us@ipc.org for assistance.

Can I print DRM-protected IPC documents?
No. The DRM protection prevents printing, as well as copying and screen shots.

Can I turn off the watermark that appears on my DRM-protected IPC documents?
No. This feature is mandatory for DRM-protected IPC documents.

Do I need to open the FileOpen utility to access DRM-protected IPC documents?
No. The FileOpen plugin for Adobe runs in the background of Adobe. You will open the pdf as you open any other pdfs.

Are there any firewall issues associated with the IPC FileOpen permission server?
As with any server-to-server interaction, some company firewalls may block initial access to the IPC FileOpen permission server. If this happens, consult your IT department and ask them to whitelist traffic to ssl.fileopen.com over TLS 1.2. Your IT department can contact Contact.Us@ipc.org with any questions.

What if I am asked for my login credentials but I have lost or forgotten them?
You can obtain your credentials by emailing Contact.Us@ipc.org.



Digital Rights Management (DRM) Multi-Device DRM Documents

How does FileOpen DRM work for multiple-device documents?
For multiple-device documents, when the user attempts to open the document, the plugin will not prompt the user for credentials. The FileOpen permission server will register the device and eliminate one allowed device from the number of devices purchased. This will continue for all opens on additional devices until the total number of devices for the order has been satisfied.

Note: To open a DRM-protected document for the first time, you must be connected to the Internet.

What login credentials do I need to provide our employees who will use this document?
Users of multi-device DRM products will not be prompted for login credentials to open the PDFs.

How are device limits controlled?
Each time the DRM-protected PDF is opened on a device, that will count against the total number of devices for the multiple-device product order. For instance, if you purchased a 12-device product, and that PDF is opened on 10 different devices, you will have 2 devices remaining on your account. Note that even if one person opens the document on multiple devices, the devices and not the individual are counted against the total number of devices on your product order.

How can I check the status of our registered number of devices?
To verify how many devices have been used for an order, email Contact.Us@ipc.org.

Where can we store this document for distribution to employees?
There are no restrictions on where you can store the document (e.g., shared server, document library, etc.), and you can also email it as an attachment or share it on a memory stick. Just keep in mind that you should make employees aware of the document device restriction so individuals who may not need the document do not open it and have that document open count against your device limit.