IPC CFX is bringing Smart Factory to life.  

Learn more about how IPC-2591 is enabling "plug and play" IoT communication across the manufacturing environment, where all equipment, manufacturing processes, and transactional stations can communicate without the need for specialized software.


IPC-CFX: Your Path to Success

What is IPC-CFX? Learn how IPC-CFX can revolutionize your manufacturing processes.




Learn about the industry standard for IPC-CFX, including version release dates and how to join the Connected Factory Initiative Subcommittee. Also learn about IPC-HERMES-9852.



IPC-CFX Supporters

View the list of companies who have equipment qualified to IPC-2591 QPL and those companies who are supporting IPC-CFX.



News and Updates

View and read news and announcements about IPC-CFX from around the world.


IPC-Hermes Introduction

Smart Manufacturing Begins at the Machines

Implementing IPC-CFX can be a fast, cost-effective, and reliable way to bring your factory into the future.

The following resources can help you get up to speed with the technical requirements for IPC-CFX.


SDK and Software Developer Resources

Get links to the SDK and developer tools, as well as information on secure IPC-CFX connections, AMQP guide and software development platforms.



IPC-CFX Engineering Support Services

Need help with IPC-CFX coding for your implementation? IPC's support services are available to help.




What are JSON and AMQP and why did the committee select them for the IPC-CFX? How does IPC-CFX compare with other standards? Get answers to these and many more questions.


Make the most out of IPC-CFX.

Follow the links below to engage with IPC's expertly-crafted educational resources.


On-Demand IPC-CFX Education

IPC has prepared module-based CFX education to your support your IPC-CFX implementations.



IPC-CFX Webinars

View recordings of past IPC-CFX webinars and get information about upcoming webinars.




The global CFX community is growing - is your company ready to join?

Learn how to validate your equipment and get it included on the IPC-CFX QPL.


IPC-CFX Equipment Self-Validation System

Validate your equipment to ensure that it is correctly broadcasting and receiving IPC-CFX messages.



IPC-CFX-2591 Qualified Products List (QPL)

View the listing of qualified equipment and learn how to get your equipment included on the IPC-CFX QPL.


IPC-CFX QPL Newsletter

Do you want to know which companies and equipment are listed on the IPC-CFX QPL? Want to get the latest IPC-CFX QPL update? Sign up now for the IPC-CFX QPL Newsletter

Equipment Providers: Demonstrate Your IPC-CFX Support for Legacy Equipment in the Field

As interest in IPC-CFX grows, EMS and OEM companies are asking IPC about equipment providers’ plans for IPC-CFX implementation support for legacy equipment in the field. To help guide these companies to successful implementations of IPC-CFX using their existing equipment, IPC is building a list of equipment provider statements of support for IPC-CFX implementations for legacy equipment.

IPC will publish equipment provider plans for legacy equipment in the field on the IPC-CFX website and communicate this list to industry.

NOTE: Voluntary vendor statements of legacy equipment support are informational only and in no way does IPC assume equipment to be qualified to meet the mandatory IPC-CFX message sets established in IPC-2591 version 1.3. 

IPC encourages EMS and OEM companies to visit the listing of qualified equipment on the IPC-CFX Qualified List (QPL) and to ask vendors which message sets are supported and if/when their equipment will be qualified.


Legacy Equipment Support

Equipment providers have demonstrated support for IPC-CFX implementations on their legacy equipment. View a list of those providers here.

This page includes several ways for you to get involved with IPC-CFX today as you navigate your path to IPC-CFX success.


Join the 2-17 Connected Factory Initiative Subcommittee

The IPC 2-17 Connected Factory Initiative Subcommittee, which oversees IPC-2591 and IPC-CFX, is open to anyone for participation. As a member of the subcommittee, you can influence the direction of the standard, will be able to stay updated on version releases and get invitations to committee meetings and other IPC-CFX events. The subcommittee is also a community of other IPC-CFX supporters for networking and learning about IPC-CFX.

Show Your Company’s Support

Is your company actively engaged in IPC-CFX? If so, share your logo to be included with the dozens of other companies worldwide who show their support for IPC-CFX. If you are actively engaged in IPC-CFX implementation, we also invite you to share your company’s IPC-CFX roadmap. 

Share Your Feedback

Do you have additional feedback for IPC or the 2-17 Subcommittee on how we can improve IPC-CFX or the support services we provide for successful IPC-CFX implementation? 


Join IPC-CFX as a Committee Member, Supporter, or Partner

Become involved in IPC-CFX! Represent your company as a committee member, or pledge your support. You can also use this form to provide general feedback for IPC-CFX.


Submit Messages for Equipment

IPC-CFX was developed so any piece of manufacturing line equipment can be included in the standard. If you have equipment you feel is not adequately covered by the standard, you can submit IPC-CFX message sets to Github or submit your comments to the 2-17 Subcommittee.

Visit the Software Tools and Support section for more information on IPC-CFX message sets.