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PCB Design for Rigid-Flex Boards

Every Monday and Wednesday 8/30/2021-10/6/2021

Introduction to PCB Design II

Every Tuesday and Thursday 8/31/2021-10/21/2021

IPC-HERMES Introduction: "Smart Manufacturing Begins At the Machines" - Brought to you by the IPC EMS Management Council

As the Smart replacement for the long-successful IPC-SMEMA standard, the IPC-HERMES standard directly addresses business-critical line automation needs, whilst retaining the freedom to select the ideal equipment from any chosen vendor.

Certified Electronics Program Manager (CEPM) Training Program and Certification Exam Bundle

Every Tuesday and Thursday 9/21/2021-10/28/2021

PCB Troubleshooting & Defect Analysis

Every Tuesday and Thursday 10/26/2021-11/18/2021

Contracting with the Customer

Every Monday and Wednesday 11/1/2021-11/17/2021