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IPC CEMAC(China Electronics Manufacturing Annual Conference), as an exclusive annual event for members in the electronics manufacturing industry, aims to promote industry development and cooperation, facilitate the appli

Electric Vehicle and Smart Car Technology Workshop

Electric vehicles and smart cars have become one of the fastest-growing markets in the electronics industry.


IPC K-FEST is set to be IPC’s landmark event in Korea, bringing together industry peers to celebrate the advancements and contributions that have shaped the landscape of electronics standards and technology.

IPC Works ASIA 2024 IPC Seminar in Japan

This annual seminar is held mainly for IPC members, regional TG participants and its standards users in Japan with the collaboration of IPC Asia.

IPC Standards Task Group Meeting - Japan regional F2F meeting

This face-to-face opportunity intends for regional task group members in Japan such as 7-31BV-JP. With the guests from IPC Global, we discuss and make proposals to the original task group.

IPC Day OEM Design

IPC Day OEM Design