Green Cleaners for Electronics Manufacturing

IPC is excited to announce that it has committed to developing a new consensus-based industry standard, IPC-1402, Standard for Green Cleaners Used in Electronics Manufacturing. This standard will expand IPC’s existing 300-plus catalog of electronics manufacturing standards to include safer, greener practices.

IPC-1402 is intended to apply to chemical cleaners used in the manufacture of electronic assemblies, components, and materials including the direct use of chemicals on these assemblies or for the cleaning of manufacturing machines during operation and maintenance. The standard will establish a scientifically defensible set of green chemistry requirements for cleaners used in electronic manufacturing – giving electronic manufacturing companies another way to demonstrate their commitment to the protection of environmental and occupational health and safety. We welcome you to get involved with this standard’s development. 

If you are interested in volunteering to be a member of the Green Initiatives for Cleaners task group, please contact me at