Congratulations to the 2023 Champion, Sathishkumar Vijayakumar!

SATHISHKUMAR VIJAYAKUMAR – Tessolve Semiconductor Pvt Ltd.

Sathish hails from India, where he has been with Tessolve for eight years. He designed several complex test boards for top semiconductor companies for various ATE platforms, as well as designing system boards for digital, mixed, power management and RF applications. Sathish earned a Bachelor’s in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Anna University in Chennai, India.

Sathish exhibited a deep understanding of all technologies presented in the finals design – from a thoughtful usage of given flex layers to well-rounded approach to routing for RF, he wisely chose to spend his limited time routing ‘around’ the board; not focusing on one area more than necessary to demonstrate his skills.

Connect with Sathish here.

Congratulations to the Second Place Finisher, Adam Thorvaldson, CID+!

ADAM THORVALDSON, CID+ - Innovex Design Service, LLC

Adam's PCB career started at a small service bureau in Melbourne, Florida, and has since taken him all over the U.S., working for small services and large corporations. After attending PCB West in 2013 and 2015, Adam earned his CID certification and his career goals expanded greatly.  In fact, PCB runs in his family - Adam's father, Bill R. Thorvaldson, CID, was also a PCB Designer. Adam has memories of playing with LEGO in the family den while his father designed PCB layouts on the early CAD systems. He is grateful for all the mentors and amazing teams he has been fortunate to be a part of.

It is abundantly clear that Adam is a talented and creative designer, and it was a lengthy discussion regarding differentiators between his and Sathish’s design – it was really, really close! Adam attempted a significant among of routing and his DRC came back with fewer critical issues than other competitors, relative to his amount of completed nets.

Congratulations to Adam for earning second place!

Congratulations to Our Runners-Up!

HARISH G. - Exicom Tele-Systems Ltd.

Harish G.  is a Senior Engineer, R&D – Mobility with Exicom Tele-Systems Ltd.


Jesus Castane is a PCB Designer with 15+ years’ experience. CID+ certified, he has a wide experience in the automotive, medical, RF and audio industries. He is particularly interested in Signal Integrity.


Paul recently started working with Wisk Aero as their Sr Printed Circuit Board Layout Design Engineer. He has over 30 years of experience in PCB Design with a degree in Electrical Engineering from Southern Illinois University.

Meet the IPC Design Competition 2022 Champion
Rafal Przesławski

Rafal Przeslawski recently joined AMD as a Senior Hardware Development Engineer. Previously he worked in automotive industry as Electronics CAD Engineer. He graduated from the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, Poland, in 2015.

View Rafal's winning design below!