Unlocking Success with IPC Electronics Workforce Training


In today's rapidly changing electronics manufacturing landscape, staying competitive and adaptable is essential. Our training course topics include ESD, Safety, Electronics Assembly for Operators, Electronics Assembly for Engineers, Cable and Wire Harness Assembly, and a Manufacturing Engineer series.  

We'll show you how to implement these courses to address current training challenges in the industry such as onboarding, turnover and scaling. Attendees get an inside look at course content, how to onboard trainees, check progress and grades, and how to access audit information.  

Bring your challenges and questions to the webinar and join the conversation. 

Mike Hoyt

This webinar is hosted by IPC training advisor, Mike Hoyt.

By implementing IPC Electronics Workforce Training, your organization can thrive in an ever-evolving industry, respond effectively to technology shifts and supply chain challenges, and foster a skilled and adaptable workforce ready for the demands of modern electronics manufacturing.

Mike works as a Training Advisor at IPC providing a consultative approach in education and training. He works closely with hundreds of companies in the electronics supply chain, both big and small. 

Mike has an extensive background in education, having taught in the classroom for 10+ years, followed by 7 years as curriculum consultant, specializing in digital learning solutions for K-12 schools. 

Mike is also multilingual, having studied and lived abroad for 6 years in Brazil, Italy and Mexico.

He graduated from DePaul University with a BA in Liberal Arts and earned his Master’s in Teaching from National-Louis University.