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Greg Papandrew

Greg Papandrew, President, Bare Board Group

Sharon Starr

Sharon Starr, IPC Director of Market Research

Market research and statistical programs have been among IPC's member services since the organization's founding in 1957.  These services strengthen the electronic interconnect industry by helping member companies to excel and compete.  Member companies benefit by identifying opportunities, understanding trends and having data that provides a solid basis for planning.

All of these programs were created to meet the needs of all segments of IPC's membership, including manufacturers of printed circuit boards (PCBs), electronics manufacturing services (EMS) companies, PCB and EMS suppliers, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).  A diagram shows the relationships within the electronic interconnect supply chain, which IPC serves.  IPC members drive the content of IPC’s market research programs, which are constantly evolving to meet their changing needs. 

As a global industry association and a trusted, impartial third party, IPC is in a unique position to collect sensitive business data from members and provide aggregate data free or at a small fraction of what consultants would charge.  IPC has developed an unparalleled degree of trust among its members by adhering to strict confidentiality policies and responding to member needs.

Pulse of the Electronics Industry

Pulse of the Electronics Industry is a global survey-based data service that provides a quarterly report on the health of the industry and its outlook for the coming year. The quarterly report shows what factors are driving or limiting growth, and how the outlook differs in various regions and segments of the industry. The confidential surveys are open to all in management positions in the electronics industry. Executives should find the survey easy to answer. Survey participants receive the report on the quarter’s results at no charge.

The current survey is at IPCPulse2020Q1. You will be asked to enter your IPC company ID number, which IPC uses to protect the confidentiality of your data. If you do not know your company ID number, please contact IPC’s Market Research team at  The deadline for participation in every quarterly survey is around the 21st of the month following the quarter’s end. If you miss the deadline, please check here again during the first three weeks of the next quarter.

Current Industry Trends

Selected industry data from IPC’s market research studies, including the current PCB book-to-bill release, as well as data from related industries, can be found here. 

Valuable Member Benefits

IPC Statistical Programs

IPC conducts statistical programs for the EMS, PCB, laminate, process consumables, solder and assembly equipment segments of the industry, and most are global.  IPC member companies are eligible to participate free.  Participants receive the monthly or quarterly reports free, as well as the aggregate data tables in Excel, for the program in which they participate.

Details about the statistical programs available to IPC members.

Details about the statistical programs available to IPC members — 中文.

WECC Global PCB Production Report

The World Electronic Circuits Council is a strategic partnership comprised of IPC and seven other industry associations serving the worldwide electronic circuits industry.  Its purpose is to foster international cooperation for the benefit of the industry.  Market research is just one area of cooperation.  Every year, the member associations pool their annual PCB production data to produce the annual WECC Global PCB Production Report.  The member associations provide it free to their members.

View the current report. (Members only) 

Other Resources Available Online

In the IPC members-only area of the website, the market research page contains links to past studies and conference proceedings as well as slide-show recordings of select conference presentations.

IPC members can access all IPC resources for members by logging in at the IPC Members only page. To become a member or learn more about the benefits of membership, please visit About Membership.

IPC Survey Center

Visit IPC's Survey Center to see what surveys are available to your industry segment throughout the year and to participate in current surveys.

Current Market Research Reports and Studies

For information about IPC's market research reports and to order them, go to

Are We Meeting Your Needs?

Do you have questions or comments about IPC's market research? Do you have suggestions for improving our programs? What are your needs? Please share your feedback with IPC's director of market research.

For more information about IPC's market research services, contact the market research team at or +1 847-597-2868.