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Welcome to the IPC Library providing you with access to technical papers, webinars, reports and economic analysis. Currently, we are featuring our member benefit, the IPC Conference Paper Database. This searchable database is a valuable resource for engineers that stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the electronics manufacturing industry.

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Technical Papers and Resources

Access Years of Engineering Research in the IPC Conference Paper Database

Explore the database of the technical papers presented at our conferences. IPC members have access.

IPC Engineering Webinar Series Archive

A collection of webinars addressing a variety electronics manufacturing topics.

IPC Factory of the Future Presentations

Access the Factory of the Future video recordings and presentations on topics essential to transforming your electronics manufacturing operations


IPC-CFX Video Library

View recordings of past IPC-CFX presentations and case study examples of IPC-CFX integrations

TechNet–IPC's Technical Listserv

Join the listserv and explore the archives going back to 1995.

Economic and Advocacy Reports and Resources

Economic Report Archive

IPC's Monthly Economic Report provides a snapshot of data on the economy, industrial production, capacity utilization, PCB demand, and industry employment.

Global Sentiment Report Archive

Check out past months' reports -- Sentiment of the Global Electronics Manufacturing Supply Chain


IPC Global Advocacy Report Archive

IPC places a high priority on government relations and actively advocates on our members’ behalf on issues such as taxes, regulations, R&D, and the environment.

IPC Thought Leader Presentation Archive

IPC fosters research and publications about current and future challenges in our industry. Review our collection of papers and presentations generated through the IPC Thought Leader program

Industry Publications


Magazines & Newsletters

I-Connect007 is a comprehensive global source for original content serving the printed circuit design, fabrication, and assembly markets. Access websites, newsletters and digital magazines now.



Visit I-Connect007’s library of books written by industry experts on a variety of important topics. Free to download, I-007eBooks are the gold standard for technical education in the circuit board industry.


Micro Webinars

Watch & learn! I-Connect007 works with topic experts to develop informative webinars designed to be viewed in 5-minute increments. Learn solutions for complex issues and challenges faced by the electronics industry.