Three Industry Leaders Receive IPC President’s Award

In recognition of their significant contributions of time, talent, and ongoing leadership in IPC and the electronics industry, Susann Chen, Joe Kane, and John Walls were presented with IPC President's Awards at IPC APEX EXPO on January 25. 

Susann Chen, ZhuZhou CRRC Times Electric Company, serves as chair of IPC ASSC, chair of IPC/WHMA-A-620C-Rail Transit Addendum, co-chair of 7-31f China Task Group, vice-chair of IPC-A-610G Rail Transit Addendum, and as a member of IPC TAEC-Global. Chen was honored for her work with IPC China to convene technical conferences and competitions, to promote in-depth cooperation between IPC and the rail transit industry in China, and for encouraging participation in IPC training and events.

Joe Kane, BAE Systems, chair of the D-35 subcommittee, was honored for serving on 21 standards development committees, helping to write the original IPC-1601 and Rev. A guidelines, and most recently IPC-1602, Standard for Printed Board Handling and Storage, and IPC-7801A, Reflow Oven Process Control Standard.  

John Walls, Aegis Software, was honored for being an early promoter of the Industrial Internet of Things standardization that led to the IPC-2591 Connected Factory Exchange (CFX) committee, and the historic launch of the IPC CFX IIoT standard. Walls engineered the CFX toolkit and is the architect of the IPC-CFX qualification website and cloud engine, contributing to the content that formed the IPC-CFX education courses.

“We are happy to present the President’s Award to Susann, Joe, and John, in appreciation of their significant contributions to IPC and the global electronics manufacturing industry,” said John Mitchell, IPC president and CEO. “Their leadership and expertise set the standard for building electronics better.”