Statement of Support from IPC for New Actions to Strengthen America’s Supply Chains, Lower Costs for Families, and Secure Key Sectors

Statement attributed to Chris Mitchell, IPC Vice President of Global Government Relations

IPC welcomes the actions outlined today by the U.S. Government “to strengthen supply chains critical to America’s economic and national security.”

The COVID-era disruptions experienced by the U.S. electronics manufacturing industry spotlight the extent to which the United States has outsourced its industrial base impacting everything from automobiles to aircraft to consumer products. The investments being made under the CHIPS and Science Act, Defense Production Act, and Inflation Reduction Act must cover more than just a few key products such as semiconductors – they also need to include the full electronics manufacturing system that enables semiconductor chips to function including printed circuit boards (PCBs) and integrated circuits (IC) substrates.

We are pleased to see today’s actions complementing last week’s announcement of a National Advancing Packaging Strategy. In addition, IPC welcomes the creation of a Cabinet-level Council on Supply Chain Resilience and a new quadrennial review process to ensure a comprehensive approach to this vital issue. We also applaud the actions to solidify the U.S. defense industrial base and the emphasis on international cooperation.