Europe's Economic Recovery and Long-Term Future Depend on Attention to Electronics Manufacturing Industry, New IPC Study Says

The European Electronics Industry Has a Direct Impact on €3.8 Trillion of European GDP
A new IPC study, Digital Directions, Greener Connections, finds the electr

IPC Launches New Thought Leaders Program to Enhance Awareness and Insights on Electronics Industry Trends

IPC today unveiled a new Thought Leaders Program in which industry experts will assist IPC on key industry issues and offer valuable insights to IPC members and key external stakeholders.

IPC Launches New ESG for Electronics Initiative to Provide Guidance to Industry on ESG Practices and Reporting

IPC today unveiled a new ESG for Electronics Initiative to develop guidance for electronics manufacturers on an industry-specific approach to ESG (environmental, social and governance) practices and reporting and t

IPC Commends President Biden for Executive Order on Industrial Supply Chains

IPC commends President Biden for ordering a review of industrial supply chains critical to U.S. economic growth, innovation, and security.