IPC Hosts Advanced Packaging Symposium in Tokyo

The IPC Advanced Packaging Symposium held in Tokyo on June 7, 2024, brought together leading experts, policy makers and other stakeholders from the semiconductor industry to discuss cutting-edge advancements and collaborative strategies shaping the future of advanced packaging technologies.

Under the guidance of Matt Kelly, IPC chief technology officer and vice president of technology solutions, the symposium commenced with an opening address from John W. Mitchell, IPC president and CEO and Hiroyuki Watanabe, IPC Board member and executive director of global security strategic planning at NEC Corporation.

Highlights of the event included presentations from esteemed speakers including Hidemichi Shimizu, director of device industry and semiconductor strategy at Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), who delved into Japan’s strategic initiatives for advanced packaging, emphasizing the country's pivotal role in driving innovation in the semiconductor landscape.

Raja Swaminathan, corporate vice president of advanced packaging at AMD, educated participants with insights into the future of AI hardware enabled by advanced packaging, sparking engaging discussions on how the Japanese ecosystem can spearhead this transformative drive.

Matt Kelly's presentation on IPC’s advanced packaging initiative shed light on the organization's efforts to facilitate collaboration and standardization within the industry, fostering a conducive environment for technological advancements and market growth.

"The industry stands on the brink of a new era in advanced packaging, driven by innovation and collaboration. IPC extends its heartfelt thanks to all the guests who participated in the symposium. IPC remains dedicated to supporting advanced packaging through its standards, education, advocacy efforts, providing platforms for experts to exchange ideas, share knowledge, and shape the future of advanced packaging technology,” remarked Kelly.

To learn more about IPC’s advanced packaging initiative, visit www.ipc.org/solutions/ipc-advanced-packaging-technology.