Best Technical Paper at IPC APEX EXPO 2021 Selected

The best technical conference paper of IPC APEX EXPO 2021 has been selected. Voted on through a ballot process by members of the IPC APEX EXPO Technical Program Committee, the paper authors will be recognized during show opening remarks on Tuesday, March 9.

Taking top honors, the winning paper is, “Signal Integrity, Reliability, and Cost Evaluation of PCB Interlayer Crosstalk Reduction” by Sarah Czaplewski, IBM Corporation. Her co-authors were: Roger Krabbenhoft and Junyang Tang, IBM Corporation. This paper will be presented during Technical Conference Session 14 (BF5-PCB Design - HDI and Signal Integrity Considerations) on Thursday, March 11.

This year, two papers were selected in the honorable mention category. Honorable mention goes to, “Board Thickness Effect on Accelerated Thermal Cycle Reliability” by Joe Smetana, Nokia. His co-authors included: Richard Coyle, Nokia; Eric Lundeen, BAE Systems; Iulia Muntele, Sanmina; Scott Danko, TTM; Neil Hubble, Akrometrix; and Bev Christian, HDPUG. This paper will be presented during Technical Conference Session 9 EE3 (HDP Projects Progress) on Wednesday, March 10.

Honorable mention also goes to “Analyzing Printed Circuit Board Voiding and other Anomalies when Requirements Covering the Anomalies are Vague” by Wade Goldman, The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc. His co-authors were: Hailey Jordan and Curtis Leonard, The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc. This paper will be presented during Technical Conference Session 3 EE1 (PCBA Quality, Reliability, and AI-based Inspection) on Wednesday, March 10.

The papers were evaluated on their technical content, originality, test procedures and data used to deduce conclusions, quality of illustrations and the clarity and professionalism of writing as well as value to the industry.

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