IPC Launches First UK EMS Executive Meeting

by Sanjay Huprikar, IPC President, Europe and South Asia Operations

To better support the needs of the growing UK EMS industry, IPC hosted the inaugural UK EMS Executive meeting in London on July 14.

The purpose of the IPC UK EMS Executive meeting was two-fold: (1) to provide networking opportunities for these leaders to share their operational experiences so that they can learn from each other; (2) to establish a unified voice on key advocacy topics related to workforce development, supply chain, trade, and the environment. The meeting was attended by a dozen thought leaders who manage contract manufacturing companies ranging in size from 10M to 100M GBP in annual turnover.

As part of the festivities, the attendees were treated to three excellent keynote presentations:

Chris Esbester, BAE Systems, highlighted the company's Zero Carbon initiative and its impact on the value chain.