IPC Education Reaches Significant Milestones

By David Hernandez, vice president, education

Many of you have heard about our new online course, “Electronics Assembly for Operators (EAO).” Like most IPC products and services, this course was developed in collaboration with industry to provide truly engaging, effective and efficient workforce training. Over 50 industry experts worked with the learning professionals at IPC to identify the required knowledge and skills, develop the content, and field test the course in their organizations.

EAO is off to a great start. IPC members that have implemented EAO are reporting shorter training times, more engaged employees, and improved knowledge retention.

We love that kind of feedback, but we also recognize the need for training in additional languages. To that end, the Spanish-language version of the Electronics Assembly for Operators course was recently field tested by IPC members in Latin America and will be ready for launch later this month.  Visit IPC en Español, our Spanish language web page, at www.Mexico.ipc.org for more information.

While developing the EAO course, members of WHMA and other representatives of the cable and wire harness industry voiced a need for similar operator training. In response, IPC worked with them to develop the “Wiring Harness Assembly for Operators (WHO)” training program. The WHO training course prepare trainees to identify and use the key tools, materials, and processes required to assemble quality harnesses effectively and efficiently.

The WHO program will also be made available in Spanish this summer. Like all of IPC’s Workforce Development programs, WHO was created in partnership with industry. IPC learning professionals worked with wire harness industry members to design and develop materials that meet their specifically defined needs.

We understand the challenges of training operators who lack industry knowledge and skills. If you are interested in the EAO or WHO training programs for your team, you can start the company trial process here.