Growing Wire Harness Industry in India Highlighted at EWPTE 2024

by Brittany Martin, IPC/WHMA Marketing Coordinator

“Made in India” was a central phrase at EWPTE 2024. The wire harness event hosted the inaugural “India Pavilion” which showcased Indian wire harness companies on the exhibit floor. The Pavilion was opened with pomp and circumstance by the Wire Harness Manufacturer’s Association (WHMA) Board Chair, David Bergman on Wednesday, May 15 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The show shone the spotlight on 15 exhibiting companies from India entering the North American market.

India Pavilion Ribbon Cutting at EWPTE 2024

Gaurab Majumdar, director of IPC India, explained the impetus behind bringing Indian wire harness and cable assembly companies to EWPTE, “Due to geo-political trade issues and supply chain disruptions, we believe that these companies can play an important role for North America end-user sector.” According to Majumdar, strategic alliances and export leads were the major deliverables from these Indian exporters' participation at EWPTE 2024.

Anushka Jain, head of business development at Advance Cable Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was optimistic that exhibiting at EWPTE would provide a gateway into new markets, “We have taken what we’ve learned about the wire harness industry in India and we want to bring that knowledge to North America. EWPTE is the perfect place to start exploring that market.”

Jitender Singh from Jeet Enterprises was excited to be exhibiting at EWPTE for the first time. Singh noted, “We wanted to find a marketplace that would put us in direct contact with wire harness customers. We have found that market at EWPTE and it has helped us tremendously in building a contact list of customers.”

The wire harness industry in India is growing thanks to the expansion of aerospace, defense, automotive, and medical devices markets. The market size for cable assembly is expected to witness significant growth in the forecast period due to the increasing adoption of advanced technologies such as 5G, IoT, and AI, which require high-speed and reliable data transmission. Moreover, the growing trend towards miniaturization and modularization of electronic devices is expected to further boost the demand for cable assembly solutions and boost the bottom line of the companies.

The North American wire harness market is also expected to witness significant growth, driven by the increasing adoption of advanced technologies and the expansion of the healthcare and data center industries. There will be a need for supplies, components, and contract manufacturing and India can be the source. IPC India, through engaging with the wire harness manufacturers and suppliers through training and certification, has received interest in export and strategic alliances with U.S. OEMs.

ESC India, an agency of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry supported the following Indian companies to participate in EWPTE:

  • Nysha Mobility Tech Pvt Ltd
  • Paras Wires Pvt Ltd
  • Katlax Enterprise Pvt Ltd
  • Advance Cable Technologies
  • Cable Solutions
  • Miracle Electronic Devices Pvt. Ltd
  • Sahasra Electronics
  • Siechem Technologies Pvt. Ltd
  • Avalon Technology And Services Pvt Ltd
  • Terminal Technologies
  • East West AutoMation Tech Pvt. Ltd.
  • Turbo India Interconnect Solutions LLP
  • UKB Electronics
  • Sigma Terminals

In 2025, EWPTE will return to Baird Center for its 23rd year, May 6-8. For more information, visit