Frequently Asked Questions: Training & Certification

What is IPC Certification?
IPC certification is a credential provided by IPC to individuals in the electronics industry, which is administered by licensed IPC training centers. The certification confirms a person’s knowledge of IPC standards and the ability to apply this knowledge to everyday manufacturing principals of printed circuit board applications.

Where can I find IPC Policy and Procedures?
The IPC Policy and Procedures document can be found on the IPC website or by selecting IPC Policy and Procedures. The IPC Policy and Procedures is a required module for all certification programs.  For additional information visit IPC Help for Instructors and Users

How do I become certified? 
The IPC Certification Department will assist. Please contact IPC’s Certification Department via the Certification Help Desk.

How do I get help with online certification?
For Questions and Answers related to certification please refer to the Certification FAQ.  If you do not find the answer to your question, please submit a help desk ticket. - Please be aware that we have implemented a Certification Help Desk for service requests. The help request submissions will allow us to track the requests better and respond more easily. - You can set up your access to the Help Portal from the CQI home page. Click on Certification Help Desk and follow the prompts.  Be sure to include your name and email address in your request so we can respond to you.

What standard-based training and certification program(s) does IPC currently offer?
Information on current IPC standards training and certification programs are described here. Each program description includes a listing of Authorized Training Centers where one can get training and certification. Program description flyers are available for each program from the site as well.

What is a maximum class size allowed per trainer?
To ensure the personal attention required by the training, standards-based training sessions programs that have only lecture presentations are limited to fifteen (15) students per trainer. Standards-based programs that have workmanship skills training shall be limited to twelve (12) students per trainer. Design certification courses are limited to thirty (30) students per instructor.

What kind of material do I need to conduct training for my student(s)? 
The training material you would need depends on your credentials and certification level. - The industry-approved course materials available through IPC must be used to conduct training that will lead to IPC certification. In addition to the published IPC standards and reference documents, only original publications including instructor guides, training visuals and supplemental training materials as developed and revised by the specific IPC Technical Training Committee, and obtained from IPC, may be used in the IPC Training and Certification Programs.

Who can purchase certification exam credits?
A Master IPC Trainer (MIT), a Certified IPC Trainer (CIT), as well as a Company designated administrator (CQI Buyer) can order certification exam credits via the IPC Online Store ( using credit card or with TERMS if your company is a member of IPC.  

How many exams credits can be purchase at a time? 
 As many as needed. IPC suggests that you do not purchase more credits than you need at any given time.  Certification exam credits will expire one year from the date of purchase.

Do purchased CQI exams credits expire? 
Yes. Certification exam credits will expire one year from the purchase date.

How often should a certified trainer recertify? 
Certified IPC trainers are required to recertify every two years.

How can I obtain a paper copy certificate?
As of April 1, 2015, certificates are NOW provided through the online CQI Portal electronically.

What are acceptable payments for purchasing IPC products and CQI exams? 
Certification exam credits are now available for purchase via the IPC Online Store. IPC accepts major credit cards (Visa, Master Card or American Express).  IPC members have an option to place online orders by PO and receive an invoice.  Invoice can be paid by credits, wire transfer, ACH or check.

Purchase Order – at IPC Members can place order PO with Net30 terms on the IPC Online Store or through Customer Service by submitting your PO order to PO orders will not be approved and finalized until the copy of the PO is received. 

Credit Card - You can place your order in the IPC Online Store using one of the following credit cards, Master Card, Visa, American Express or Discover. For products that are not available online contact IPC customer service at +1 847 615 7100 or email

Payment towards open Quote - If a quote has been prepared, please reference the quote number when sending a payment.

PAYMENT INFORMATION: Please remit payment to
Make all checks payable to Company Name
USD WIRE TRANSFER : JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. New York, NY I SWIFT CHASUS33 I Acc# 0018231861 I ABA RTN# 021000021
EUR WIRE TRANSFER : JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. London I SWIFT CHASGB2L I Acc# 0077104001 I IBAN GB32 CHAS 6092 4277 1040 01
ACH : JP Morgan Chase 120 South LaSalle St. Chicago, IL 60603 I SWIFT CHASUS33 I Acc# 0018231861 I ABA RTN# 071000013
PURCHASE ORDER:  IPC members issue PO to IPC International, Inc and email to

How much are the Certification exam credits and how do I place an order?
Certification exam credits can be purchased online via the IPC Online Store.  Certification exam credits are available for purchase in $1 increment.  Exam credits will be decremented based on the pricing structure that exists and membership status when a class is scheduled.

I do not see my CQI order on the portal.
Certification exam credit funds will be available within 24 hours of the purchase. - If it has been more than 24 hours from the time you placed and paid for the order, please contact IPC Customer Service +1 847 615 7100 or email your inquiry to

How do I navigate the CQI portal? 
The link to the certification portal is Please refer to the CQI Manual for a detailed “User’s Guide” on how to navigate the CQI Portal.

I created my profile, now my certifications are missing, and I cannot access my portal. - why?
It is probably because we already had you listed in our database when you created a profile, it created a duplicate record in our database. Please submit a help desk ticket with a description of the problem and we will correct the issue on your behalf. 

How can I request an extension to my certification?
Starting May 2020, extensions will no longer be granted.  If you have a question about an extension, please email your request to

My company has multiple trainers and I would like to be their administrator so that we would only need to have one account and I could also set up classes if required. What options can IPC offer? 
In cases of multiple trainers, IPC offers you an option to create one account and assign a CQI Program Administrator as the account owner. - The ideal candidate is the person most responsible for entering reports and maintaining certification records. - A CQI Program Administrator may enter reports on behalf of their CITs. The CQI Administrator would be able to schedule classes for all CITs/MITs at your site and will be able to view the Certification Administrator Summary. The “Certification Administrator Summary” provides a detailed listing of all certification received from your company. - To become a CQI Program Administrator, please create a help desk ticket and let us know.

Why do students need to have an e-mail account to take an online exam?
Online exams need to be proctored by an onsite MIT/CIT.  The MIT/CIT needs to sign in first, and then the student will sign on to take the exam. - All students must have a valid and unique e-mail address in order to take an online exam.  If they do not have one, they can create one using Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or any other free e-mail provider.