Specialized PCB Design Courses

Starts November 9
PCB Design for Manufacturability - Deliver Perfect Files
This 2.5-week online program provides the knowledge and skills necessary to reduce or eliminate design, documentation, and capability issues that often arise when completed PCB designs are sent to the fabricator for production.
Starts November 8
Increase Your Skills in Rigid-Flex PCB Design
Effectively create designs requiring flex and rigid-flex circuits while understanding the impact these designs have on manufacturing and assembly techniques, documentation, and manufacturing file generation.
Starts November 8
PCB Design for HDI & Advanced Packaging
Create PWB/PBA designs that require advanced or complex packaging including boards with limited board area that must comply with IPC standards. , Non-standard board geometry, board mounting, and advanced board materials are covered
Starts November 9
PCB Design for Radio Frequency (RF)
Meet the routing challenges posed by highspeed and radio frequency (RF) printed circuit boards

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Electronics Manufacturing and Assembly

Available On Demand
Electronics Assembly for Engineers - Years of Experience with One Course
Engineers new to electronics manufacturing gain critical knowledge to working in the industry. Learn more!

PCB Fabrication Processes

Starts Sept 13 or Oct 26
PCB Troubleshooting and Defect Analysis - European Time Added
This course is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify printed circuit board defects and determine corrective action.