IPC MITs to Utilize IPC APEX EXPO Professional Development Courses to Earn Continuing Education Points Toward Recertification

Master IPC Trainers (MITs) working to renew certification through continuing education now have an additional 29 opportunities via professional development courses offered at IPC APEX EXPO 2021.    

An MIT certificant seeking to renew their certification must obtain a minimum of 25 points during their two-year period of certification. All 29 IPC APEX EXPO professional development courses offered both live and on-demand provide one point per one contact hour and are applicable toward continuing education requirements.         

Certificates of attendance will be e-mailed to all registered professional development course participants who complete one or more courses.                        

“Professional development is an integral component to IPC certification, as it allows a certificant to enhance their professional education while keeping them up to date on key topics within the industry,” said Dave Hernandez, IPC vice president of education. “IPC APEX EXPO’s professional development course offerings are perfect for a Master IPC Trainer who wants to take an advanced course on assembly processes, PCB fabrication, circuit design and component technologies, and more.”

For more information on professional development courses at IPC APEX EXPO 2021, visit www.ipcapexexpo.org.