IPC Launches IPC-CFX Self-Validation and Equipment Qualification Systems

IPC has introduced IPC-CFX Self-Validation and Equipment Qualification Systems. The IPC-CFX Self-Validation System is a cloud-based test bed for equipment vendors and manufacturing facilities to self-validate CFX messaging. The Equipment Qualification System establishes a CFX Equipment Portal with independent third-party validation of equipment.

The IPC-CFX Self-Validation System ensures CFX connections, broadcasting, and consumption of CFX messaging. The self-validating system will confirm the correct network identification and subscription messages and that all relevant topics (mandatory and optional messages) are supported. It will ensure message content data integrity and that messages are sent and responded to. The cloud-based system is offered as an annual subscription but can be purchased in quarters as well. The service allows access to any number of employees and testing of unlimited pieces of equipment. It is easy to use with several video tutorials.

IPC-CFX Equipment Qualification and Qualified Products List (QPL)

Successful utilization of CFX on the shop floor requires confidence and trust that equipment has been validated to CFX by an independent third party. To provide the electronics industry with this assurance, IPC is providing a CFX Equipment Portal for the electronics manufacturing industry to verify that equipment has been validated to CFX message sets and for equipment vendors to demonstrate their CFX capabilities.

David Bergman, IPC’s vice president of standards and technology stated, “IPC’s CFX Validation system will provide equipment companies the help they need with their IPC-CFX implementation and the Qualified Product List (QPL) will help EMS and OEMs that want to be sure that the equipment they are ordering will indeed be CFX compliant.” Added Bergman, “Communication standards in the past have failed due to poor software implementation, IPC’s CFX validation system was created so the industry can count on qualified communication that is compliant with IPC-CFX-2591.”

Listing on the IPC-CFX-2591 QPL requires a subscriber to run a qualification routine of the validation system. Equipment providers can purchase and consume QPL tokens that will allow them to qualify and list their CFX-compliant systems on IPC’s CFX QPL. Manufacturers will be able to verify vendor’s equipment on the CFX-QPL equipment portal.  View QPL Listing.

Qualified Products List (QPL) Portal

FlexLink Systems was the first IPC-CFX QPL listed company with listed hardware. FlexLink Systems’ Automated Labeler/Laser Marker Model Number: 1-LV Certified Versions: is a Native CFX implementation and was qualified on November 11, 2020. 

KIC was the second company to achieve listing of their equipment. KIC’s Reflow Profiling, model RPI was qualified as a native CFX implementation on November 17, 2020.

For additional information on either system, contact Sales@ipc.org