IPC Honors Calumet Electronics Corp. and GM China with Corporate Recognition Awards

IPC bestowed its highest corporate honors on two IPC member companies, Calumet Electronics Corporation and General Motors (GM) China. During the IPC Annual Meeting/Awards Ceremony at IPC APEX EXPO 2021, the Peter Sarmanian Corporate Recognition Award was presented to Calumet Electronics Corp. and the Stan Plzak Corporate Recognition Award was presented to GM China.                                                       

The Peter Samarian Corporate Recognition award, named for a former IPC Board Chairman, recognizes an IPC-member company in the printed board industry (PCB) that has supported IPC through participation in technical and management programs while providing leadership for the industry. 

Calumet Electronics is a 100% “Made in America” PCB manufacturer that is actively engaged in reskilling its workforce for advanced manufacturing technologies. The company was an early participant in the administration’s “Pledge to America’s Workers,” which calls on companies and trade groups to expand skilled workforce programs. Calumet joined IPC and others as representatives of the industry invited to the White House to explain our workforce initiatives. 

And, Calumet takes pride in an educated workforce. Approximately 22% of their staff have earned either a Certified IPC Specialist or Certified IPC Trainer credential under the IPC-A-600 certification program.                                                          

Named for former IPC Board Chairman and founding member of the IPC Electronics Manufacturing Services Industry Management Council, the IPC Stan Plzak Corporate Recognition Award honors an IPC-member company in the electronics assembly industry (EMS) that actively contributes to the industry while supporting IPC technical and/or management programs.                                                                                      

Since 2016, GM China has worked closely with IPC to help train and certify GM China and joint ventures’ teams on auto-related standards, using IPC standards for electrical assembly, product design, and the manufacturing process.                         

GM China also supports the update of IPC standards through seminars and best practice workshops, hosting more than 200 suppliers and 1,000 attendees to learn how to utilize IPC standards to improve quality performance.                                               

“We are privileged to have Calumet Electronics. and GM China as members of IPC,” said John Mitchell, IPC president and CEO. “We benefit tremendously from their leadership, knowledge and expertise. Their involvement in IPC has directly contributed to IPC’s global growth in the electronics industry.”