IPC Validation Services - Technology Solutions

IPC Technology Solutions  is a program that helps Electronics Manufacturing Service providers and suppliers tackle increasingly complex operations and manufacturing challenges head-on—with a focus on resolving specific process problems. Our Technology Solutions Experts work with you to streamline your operations, resolve process pain points and improve your bottom line using our five-prong approach.

IPC Validation Services - Technology Services will help your company overcome challenges in production and assembly processes, ultimately saving you time and money.

We discover your pain points, review data, research appropriate industry best practices and explore if your process problem may or may not be covered by IPC Standards.

We examine the issue(s) on-site, studying current processes and gathering feedback from customers and employees.

We refer to industry best practices and IPC Standards, and loop in subject matter experts to determine the root cause.

We’ll build a confidential report with our recommendations and work directly with your employees or customers to implement the solution

We check in a few months down the road, to make sure our solutions are still working for you.

Questions About IPC Validation Services - Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Technology Solutions is a service offered by IPC, to help customers solve challenges in PCB Assembly, PCB Fabrication, Wire and Cable Harness Assembly and supplier problems. Our main purpose is to help solve specific process problems.

As previously mentioned if you have an issue in PCB Assembly, PCB Fabrication, PCB suppliers, and Wire and Cable Harness processes, a technology solutions expert will cover it. Anything from receiving to shipping or a specific process our technology solutions expert will cover it.

There are several benefits when a company engages with a technology solutions expert from IPC.  The main benefits are improving your manufacturing processes by reducing defects, scrap, and rework of finished goods. Increasing production throughput on the factory floor, improving yields, and creating the potential for cost reduction activities throughout the manufacturing processes.

Technology Solutions is not a one size fits all program. The solution experts will evaluate the unique issue that each company need to address. The time for the solution will depend on what the technology expert finds in the evaluation. You can be sure the following steps will be followed by the technology solutions expert; investigate, troubleshoot, problem solve, educate, and provide a confidential report with recommendations for improvements.

One of IPC’s technology solutions experts who is most familiar with the process or issue you are encountering. These experts come from every aspect of the electronics industry and have expertise in the specific fields.

The program was introduced in Q1 2018, to provide a practical approach to enhance production/process efficiencies for electronics manufacturing companies.