Members of the IPC Thought Leaders Program:

  • The Thought Leaders’ responsibilities include providing publishable material in their subject areas; flagging opportunities for IPC engagement; and participating in quarterly roundtable discussions.

Mike Carano
(TLP Chair) Vice President, Technology & Business Development, RBP Chemical Technology
Olivier Coulon
Consultant, DECISION Etudes & Conseil
Payman Dehghanian
Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The George Washington University
Bryan Erwin
Managing Partner, BlueWave Merchant Partners
Denny Fritz
Savita Ganjigatti
Vice President, Engineering, Sienna Ecad Technologies
Carol Handwerker
Professor of Materials Engineering, Purdue University
Matt Holzmann
President, CGI Americas
Meredith LaBeau
Director, Process Engineering, Calumet Electronics
Joe O'Neil
CEO, Green Circuits
Leslie Weinstein
Founder/CEO, CMMC Consulting
Roger Franz
Principal, Engineering IT
TE Information Solutions/Digital PLM Systems