IPC Raymond E. Pritchard Hall of Fame Award

The IPC Raymond E. Pritchard Hall of Fame Award is given to individuals in recognition of the highest level of achievement, extraordinary contributions and distinguished service to IPC and in the advancement of the industry, including the creation of a spirit of mutual esteem, respect and recognition among members consistent with the goals and mission of the IPC on a long term basis. This is the highest level of recognition that IPC can give to an individual and is based on exceptional merit over a long term basis, the operative imperative being long term.

Next presentation: Week of April 8, 2024 at IPC APEX EXPO®.

Past Recipients IPC Raymond E. Pritchard Hall of Fame Award


2022 Garry McGuire NASA
2022 Teresa Rowe IPC
2021 Joe O'Neil OAA Ventures
2020 Karen McConnell Northrop Grumman
2019 Steve Pudles Zentech Manufacuring, Inc.
2018 Leo Lambert EPTAC Corporation
2017 Dave Hillman Rockwell Collins
2016 Doug Pauls Rockwell Collins
2015 Patty Goldman I-Connect 007
2014 Nilesh Naik Eagle Circuits
2014 Gary Ferrari  FTG Circuits
2013 Michael Carano OMG Electronic Chemicals
2012 Lionel Fullwood WKK Distribution, Ltd.
2012 Ray Prasad Ray Prasad Consultancy Group
2011 Dennis "Denny" Fritz MacDermid
2010 Don Dupriest Lockheed Martin
2009 Jack Bramel Jack Bramel & Associates
2008 Dan Feinberg Fein-Line Associates
2008 Bill Jacobi William Jacobi and Associates
2007 Robert (Bob) Neves Microtek Laboratories
2006 John T. (Jack) Fisher Interconnect Technology Analysis, Inc.
2005 Vern Solberg Micro Electronic Engineering Services
2005 Gene Weiner Weiner & Associates
2004 Doug Sober Bakelite Epoxy Polymers
2003 Werner Engelmaier Engelmaier Associates, L.C.
2002 Ron Underwood Circuit Center, Inc.
2001 Walt Custer Custer Consulting Group
2000 Peter Sarmanian Printed Circuit Corp.
1999 Larry Velie Velie Circuits, Inc.
1998 Bill Kenyon Global Centre for Process Change
1997 Jerry Siegmund Circuit-Wise Inc.
1997 Gerald Ginsberg Component Data Associates
1996 Foster Gray Texas Instruments
1996 Donald Dinella AT&T
1995 Marv Larson Bureau of Engraving
1993 Rolly Mettler Circuit-Wise, Inc.
1991 Bernie Kessler Kessler and Associates
1990 George Smith Trace Labs
1987 George Messner AMP-AKZO
1985 Dieter Bergman IPC
1982 Raymond Pritchard IPC
1979 Robert Swiggett Photocircuits Corporation
1977 William McGinley Methode Electronics