IPC Peter Sarmanian Corporate Recognition Award

The IPC Peter Sarmanian Corporate Recognition Award honors and recognizes an IPC member corporation (or appropriate division) in the printed circuit board industry (supplier, board manufacturer, or OEM) that has made contributions to the printed circuit board industry, while demonstrating support of IPC through participation in technical and/or management programs. While it is individuals who volunteer their time and talent, corporate support can be critical to any individual (or group of individuals) continuing to participate. This award recognizes companies who have not been content to "let the other guy do it," but who have actively made our industry better. The award is named for former IPC Board Chairman Peter Sarmanian, former president of Printed Circuit Corp. Companies may receive this award more than once.

Next presentation: Week of January 23, 2023 at IPC APEX EXPO®.

Past Winners of IPC Peter Sarmanian Corporate Recognition Award
2022 MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions
2021 Calumet Electronics Corporation 
2020 TTM Technologies, Inc.
2019 Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Crane
2018 Northrop Grumman Corporation
2017 Uyemura International Corp.     
2016 Shengyi Technology Co., Ltd.
2015 Honeywell
2014 Raytheon Company
2013 Lockheed Martin
2012 Ddi Corp.
2011 TTM Technologies
2010 DuPont
2009 Uyemura International Corp.
2008 Colonial Circuits
2007 Rockwell Collins