IPC-CFX Webinars

Throughout the year, IPC provides IPC-CFX webinars on timely topics, updates to IPC-2591 or to host live virtual demonstrations of IPC-CFX in action.

IPC will announce new IPC-CFX webinars on this page and post recordings as they are available. To get webinar announcements when they are made, sign up to receive alerts from IPC.

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IPC-CFX Webinar – Smart Industry 4.0 Enablement in Security-Critical Applications


Join Michael Ford of Aegis to learn how data-driven manufacturing is revolutionizing the industry, improving quality, productivity and agility, while also decreasing production costs and ordering lead-times. In sectors requiring a very high degree of security within manufacturing and of product data, the adoption of Smart Manufacturing solutions has been severely limited. As a result, many companies in  the electronics manufacturing industry, especially those in high-security sectors, are left with an increasing gap in terms of competitiveness, leading to relatively increased costs and a lack of flexibility.

IPC Connected Factory Exchange (IPC-CFX), an open industry standard for shop floor communication, provides a whole new mechanism of secure data transfer, as well as the ability to securely bridge the “air-gap” between the operational shop floor and secure business systems.

In this webinar, we will explain the issues around internal factory security and how any company can leverage the secure encryption and standardized equipment messaging of IPC-CFX in security-critical manufacturing environments to support Smart Industry 4.0 initiatives and data collection and analysis, without risk of compromise.


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IPC-CFX Global Virtual Demonstration

See firsthand how IPC-CFX works on a typical SMT assembly line, with IPC-CFX messaging displayed on equipment dashboards. Four equipment vendors discuss how IPC-CFX works with their equipment and the benefits to their customers and to the industry as a whole.

In addition to the virtual factory line demonstration, IPC-CFX A-Team members discuss the history and future of IPC-2591, the industry standard that guides IPC-CFX, as well as how to implement IPC-CFX in your equipment and factory lines for plug-and-play, machine-to-machine communication and to enable your company for Factory of the Future.

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IPC-CFX Implementation and Getting the Most Out of IPC-CFX Data

This webinar highlights implementation on legacy equipment and how any manufacturing facility can gain value out of from IPC-CFX data today. The webinar includes the following presentations:

CFX Implementation Using Legacy Equipment
Naim Kapadia, Manufacturing Technology Center (MTC), discusses MTC’s journey behind smart factory for electronics using legacy equipment using IPC-CFX. He shares why MTC chose this path and what they see as the future for IPC-CFX as part of their goals and vision for their smart factory initiatives.

Getting the Most Out of IPC-CFX Data
Dr. Tim Burke, Arch Systems, discusses how the rich, standardized machine data reported directly from each IPC-CFX machine enables you to quickly understand and solve factory problems that otherwise require stitching together multiple factory systems before you can gain enough context to understand what is happening. Dr. Burke also talks about the types of insights you can gain from IPC-CFX data and easy ways to start collecting and utilizing it now.