IPC-CFX Equipment Self-Validation System

As IPC-CFX usage continue to grow, IPC recognizes industry will need support services to ensure accurate and successful implementations. To support industry in these efforts, IPC has made available the IPC-CFX Self-Validation System. Use of the IPC-CFX Self-Validation System is a first step to getting equipment listed on the IPC-CFX Qualified Products List (QPL).

About the IPC-CFX Self-Validation System

The IPC-CFX Self-Validation System is a cloud-based testbed to easily evaluate and verify equipment is broadcasting and consuming IPC-CFX messages properly. Access to the system is based on a subscription basis.

Companies can use the IPC-CFX Self-Validation System to confirm:

  • Correct network identification and subscription messages
  • Equipment is supporting all relevant IPC-CFX topics
  • Message content data format integrity
  • Equipment is broadcasting and consuming IPC-CFX messages to meet IPC-CFX-2591 qualified products list (QPL) requirements

Your subscription includes:

  • Testing for an unlimited number of equipment models and software versions
  • Access by any number of employees with your company
  • Video tutorials on how to use the system

How to subscribe

For more information, including pricing and access to the IPC-CFX Self-Validation System, contact TamaraSites@ipc.org.


Watch this introductory video, which summarizes the steps to use the self-validation system and to qualify equipment.

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This webinar recording provides additional detail about how to utilize the self-validation system.


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