IPC-CFX Engineering Support Services

IPC-CFX Engineering Support Services provide an added resource to ensure successful IPC-CFX implementations.

IPC has contracted with Aegis Software to provide engineering support for IPC-CFX implementations. Aegis is a founding member of the IPC 2-17 Connected Factory Initiative Subcommittee, remains very active on the subcommittee and IPC-CFX A-Team and also developed and donated the IPC-CFX SDK to IPC for free use by industry.

Request IPC-CFX support.

Purpose of IPC-CFX Engineering Support Services

  • Provide engineering guidance and support to IPC-CFX implementers
  • Enable IPC-CFX implementation more quickly and efficiently
  • Effectively achieve IPC-CFX push from machines and devices, plus consuming IPC-CFX on devices or software systems

Examples of Support

  • Explanation of IPC-CFX schema
  • Better understand connectivity to AMQP and security
  • Answer coding questions
  • Code review and guidance
  • Guidance provided around topics/messages needed to achieve an end-goal in terms of outputs in secondary systems

The intent of this service is engineering support and not full coding of IPC-CFX integration.


Request IPC-CFX support.