IPC-1752A Verified Solution Providers 

Like all IPC-175x standards, the IPC-1752A Material Declaration Management Standard rely on third-party solution providers to develop compatible software tools. Starting in 2014, IPC introduced annual review processes to determine lists of verified solution providers. Verified companies have submitted sample files that have been verified to the current version of the IPC-1752A (WAM-1,2,&3). Those companies are listed below. 

IPC-1752-WAM-1,2,&3 Verified Solution Providers
Solution Provider Point of Contact  Distribute Mode Request/Reply Mode

Verified Reporting of Multi-Layer Structure
in Class D XML Using Sub-Product

Verification Year (Most Recent Bolded)
Class A Class C Class D Class A Class C Class D
Anthesis  Gerber Manalo
 Assent  Valerie Kuntz
 BOMcheck James Pearson
 Dassault Systemes  Mike Zepp
 DXC Technology  Chuck LePard
 Greensoft  Randy Flinders
 IHS Markit  Rini Joseph
 iPoint  Peter Wheeldon
 PLM Logix  Randeep Singh
Primis Innovation Jay Nayak
 Siemens PLM     Software  Tedie West
 Silicon Expert   Technologies  Wesam Elsaid
 The Compliance Map  Anthony Delengaigne
 Total Parts Plus  Nikki Johnson

Click here to visit the IPC-1753 Lab Report Standard Verified Solution Provider Page.

Click here to visit the IPC-1754 Materials and Substances Declarations for Aerospace and Defense and Other Industries Verified Solution Provider Page.

Become a verified solution provider! 

Submit your IPC-1752A-WAM-1,2,&3 xml to be reviewed by the IPC solution provider review team. 

For more information on verifying if xml files comply with the IPC-1752A standard and its versions, please read this guide.

Datasets for the 2022 IPC-1752A Solution Provider review are available here.

When you are ready, submit your files using the form below. 

The deadline for 2022 Submissions has passed.

Note: The IPC review process is intended to be completely anonymous and all folder and file names are made generic. However, content of the files themselves will not be altered. Therefore, if you would like to remain completely anonymous it is recommended that you use generic placeholders in datasets. For example: use <Authorizer name="Contact Name" title="Contact Title"> instead of your real name and title. 

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