Unlocking Funding for IPC’s Registered Apprentice Program: Electronics Manufacturing


Join Victoria Hawkins and Cory Blaylock as they explain the funding landscape for IPC's registered apprentice program. This session is for the electronics industry and IPC members who seek to improve their workforce training but are hindered by workforce development costs, specifically as it relates to apprenticeship. 

This webinar will describe available apprenticeship funding opportunities to support your workforce development costs. We aim to demystify these funding opportunities and make them more accessible. We understand that navigating the labyrinth of government funding can be overwhelming, which is how IPC can help.

Webinar Key Takeaways

  • Understanding Funding Sources: Learn about the various federal, state, and local funding programs available for apprenticeships. 
  • Navigating the Funding Process: Gain insights into the intricacies of this process. Our experts will guide you through the steps involved, from initial research to receiving reimbursement for workforce training expenditures.
  • Best Practices and Strategies: Discover strategies to optimize funding opportunities.  We will share tips on articulating your training needs effectively and demonstrating the potential impact of the funding on your workforce.
  • Q&A Session: Have your questions answered by our panel of experts. This is your opportunity to seek advice specific to your organization’s needs.

Presenter Bios

Victoria Hawkins 

Vickie Hawkins

As the Director of Workforce Grants and Proposals at IPC International, I am leading impactful initiatives, leveraging my extensive expertise in the field. My professional journey, deeply rooted in the realm of Education, has provided me with diverse opportunities to support the workforce landscape.  
Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of collaborating with National Associations in Accreditation and State committees, actively contributing to the development of state early learning standards, Quality Rated Indicator Systems, and several workforce training initiatives on a state and national level. Working closely with both State and non-profit agencies, I have successfully written and managed a variety of funding opportunities, including federal grants. This experience has not only honed my grant writing and management skills but has also allowed me to make a tangible impact on educational and workforce development programs.
Over the past several years, I have taken immense pleasure in providing direct support and instruction to public, private, and non-profit entities. Whether securing grant funds or engaging in advocacy and legislative efforts, my commitment to excellence has remained unwavering.
I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to contribute to the workforce development landscape and am committed to making a meaningful impact on our future. 

Cory Blaylock 

Cory Blaylock Headshot

With a wealth of experience, I currently serve as the Director of Workforce Partnerships at IPC, where I've been leading impactful initiatives since April 2023. In my 8-month tenure, I've showcased expertise in CTE, grant funding, project management, apprenticeship navigation, technical training, leadership, and workforce development. 

Before IPC, my career at Lockheed Martin spanned 8 years, where I excelled in project management and planning operations. My responsibilities included apprenticeship navigation, STEM initiatives, community outreach, and overall workforce development. I held roles as a Sr. Training & Development Representative. Technical Trainer and Engineering Planner, contributing significantly to the company's success. 
Before Lockheed Martin, I contributed my skills to STEMscopes by Accelerate Learning, Inc. as a Contributing Writer/Consultant for 6 years. During this time, I also served as an Educator in Texas Independent School Districts for twelve years, specializing in bilingual education, instructional technology, teacher mentoring, and science education.

My journey in workforce development is deeply rooted in a passion for education and a commitment to fostering impactful collaborations between industry and academia.