Road to Reliability: High Voltage (e-Mobility Electronics Hardware Reliability Webinar Series)



We are delighted to announce that Dr. Helmut Schweigart from Zestron, Michael Schleicher of Danfoss-Semikron, and Bob Neves of Microtek Laboratories will participate in the upcoming session. They will address essential topics related to high-voltage systems, such as Testing, Corrosion, and Failure Modes. As high voltages introduce unique challenges, there is an increased possibility of system failures.

Our "Road to Reliability" series aims to bring industry leaders together to discuss the hurdles in achieving reliability for new e-mobility technology. We will examine reliability drivers, technology applications, and target lifecycles.

Join us for this informative session to better understand technology gaps, broaden your professional connections, and uncover strategies for meeting reliability objectives.

Moderator: Brian O'Leary, Indium Corporation

We want to thank our Road to Reliability series sponsor: Indium Corporation