IPC Presents: The Proliferation of Electronics into Harsh Environments and the Effects on Reliability

Dec 3, 2020 | 10:00 - 11:00am CST

The Proliferation of Electronics into Harsh Environments and the Effects on Reliability - A Webinar


Since the evolution of no-clean soldering processes, many assemblers have enjoyed the cost and time savings a no-clean process affords. The proliferation of electronics into harsh environments has however, highlighted the well-established link between process residues and electro-chemical migration (ECM) caused failures. Higher operational voltages, increased component densities, and assembly miniaturization, and increased reliability expectations increase the relationship between clean assemblies and long-term reliability.

This webinar will detail the relationship between clean assemblies and reliability and the reasons an historically successful no-clean process is measurably less successful on modern assemblies, especially when installed in harsh environments. Factors that affect circuit assembly residue tolerance will be presented as well as residue mitigation processes.

Real-world examples of residue-related failures from the automotive and communications space will be presented along with the solutions adopted by the manufacturers. Multiple residue-induced failure mechanisms will be reviewed including ECM, conformal coating adhesion, frequency distortion, corrosion, and cosmetic. Additionally, the relationship with reflow profiles and residues will be presented.

Newly updated IPC cleanliness quantification standards will also be presented in order to answer the age-old question, “how clean is clean”.


About the Presenter: Mike Konrad

Mike began his career in the electronic assembly equipment industry in 1985. Mike founded Aqueous Technologies in 1992 in response to the Montreal Protocol and the resulting international treaty banning most popular cleaning/defluxing solvents.

Mike was a member of the US Navy's EMPF's Manufacturers Committee and has served on editorial boards for several industry publications.

Mike is an internationally known speaker on the subject of increasing reliability through contamination removal and cleanliness quantification techniques and procedures. Mike was awarded “Distinguish Speaker Status” with SMTA in 2018 and received the “Rich Freiberger Best of Conference Award” in 2019.

Mike was recently elected to the SMTA Global Board of Directors where he chairs the SMTA Training Committee and is also a member of the SMTA Strategic Development Committee. Mike is also Vice President of Technical Programs for the Los Angeles / Orange County SMTA Chapter.

Mike is the host of the popular Reliability Matters Podcast available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.

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