The Importance of a Good PCB Design Package


My colleague Happy Holden famously stated that only about 10% of design packages received by PCB fabricators are complete and accurate out of the gate. This means unnecessary time and cost are going into the other 90% of jobs. What it also means is that design success and product reliability are in jeopardy if these issues are not identified and addressed. 

Early engagement between a PCB fabricator and a PCB designer is essential to avoid common design issues that will impact the success of any PCB design. Getting the PCB fabricator's engineers together with the PCB designers to understand manufacturing capabilities and collaborate on the optimum design solution for a particular application is mission-critical to the success of the project. This webinar will cover: 
•    Customer service representatives are not engineers; why all technical questions cannot be addressed during the quoting stage.
•    What happens when the customer's netlist does not match the customer's Gerber/3d data.
•    Customer impedance requirements don't match the drawings/data. 
•    Picking the appropriate material set for a given design application.
•    Customized CAM adjustments for manufacturability. 
•    The impact of a PCB designer not understanding fabricator capabilities.
•    Unmanufacturable designs.
•    Inheriting designs from another PCB fabricator.
•    Overdesigning a project from a complexity and cost standpoint. 
•    Early and often engagement; it's all about time and cost.


Steve Williams

Speaker Bio

Steve Williams is a 40+ year executive veteran in the electronics industry, having gained prominence and recognition as an authority on quality, management, and leadership. The former Sourcing Manager for global EMS provider Plexus Corp., he is currently the President of The Right Approach Consulting. Steve has authored numerous books, including Lean, Quality, and Leadership, has published more than 150 business articles & white papers, and is a columnist for The PCB Magazine at i-Connect007. He also was a professor for the MBA program at numerous universities and a John Maxwell Group Certified Independent Leadership Speaker, Teacher, and Coach.