How IPC Membership Benefits Your Company | Free Webinar


Join us for a FREE 30-minute webinar for an inside look at how IPC membership can provide great value for your company! There are many exciting benefits included with an IPC membership that will help your company build electronics better.

In this webinar, Sanjay Huprikar, president, Europe and South Asia operations, and Philippe Leonard, senior director, IPC Europe, will provide information on how IPC membership meets the needs of the electronics manufacturing industry.

Webinar discussion topics include how to:

  • Receive a 50% discount on first-time membership
  • Claim one free industry standard
  • Benefit from implementation of IPC’s collection of industry standards and guidelines for quality, reliability, and consistency
  • Ensure all company locations and employees receive member benefits with our new company membership structure
  • Receive up to 50% discount on IPC standards, plus up to 25% discount on training and education
  • Be a leader in standards development, participate in advocacy through global government relations, and learn from valuable industry intelligence studies
  • Harness the power of two memberships, IPC and WHMA, for the price of one

15:00 UK, 16:00 CET, 17:00 EET