Expand your Organization's Design Capabilities

Whether you need an introductory course or need to add advanced design knowledge to your skillset, IPC has the design courses needed to deliver effective and reliable designs to your customers. These courses are led by industry veterans who provide documentation and tips to use in the future. All courses have a final project that demonstrates mastery of the content.

Introductory Courses

Introduction to PCB Design for Manufacturability
This series of ten micro-modules introduce some of the key concepts required to optimize the design of printed circuit boards for manufacture. If you'd like to learn more after completing the series, consider consider taking the IPC Design for Manufacturability course.
Introduction to PCB Design I
This introductory course focuses on front-end design concepts such as schematic capture, library parts creation, basic electrical engineering concepts, and documentation.

Intermediate Courses

Introduction to PCB Design II
In this course, participants employ the lessons learned in Introduction to PCB Design I to effectively implement their designs using techniques such as multi-layer routing, signal integrity, transmission lines, and more. The course also focuses on how manufacturing and assembly techniques impact design, documentation and manufacturing file generation.
PCB Design for Manufacturability
This two-and-a-half-week course covers all the knowledge and skills necessary to reduce or eliminate design, documentation, and capability issues that often arise when completed PCB designs are sent to the fabricator for production.

Advanced Courses

PCB Design for Military & Aerospace Applications
This course addresses specific challenges encountered in military and aerospace applications, including the effects of vibration, shock, radiation, and altitude, extended operating temperature range, and other design considerations for high reliability applications.
PCB Design for HDI & Advanced Packaging
This course provides the skills necessary to create PWB/PBA designs that require advanced or complex packaging. These include boards with limited board area that must comply with IPC standards and require non-orthogonal placement and routing, non-standard board outline geometry, non-standard board mounting, and advanced board materials.
PCB Design for Rigid-Flex Boards
This course provides the skills necessary to effectively implement designs requiring flex and rigidflex circuits in accordance with product requirements. The class also focuses on the impact of these designs on manufacturing and assembly techniques, documentation, and manufacturing file generation.
PCB Design for Radio Frequency (RF)
Meet the routing challenges posed by highspeed and radio frequency (RF) printed circuit boards