The following companies have shown their support for IPC-CFX. 

IPC-2591 QPL Equipment Suppliers- equipment manufacturers found on this page have equipment meeting the requirements of IPC-2591 (CFX)  

If you are an EMS or OEM company and don't see your suppliers on this page, ask them where they stand with their IPC-CFX integration to support your Factory of the Future plans.


Join IPC-CFX as a Committee Member, Supporter, or Partner

Become involved in IPC-CFX! Represent your company as a committee member, or pledge your support. You can also use this form to provide general feedback for IPC-CFX.


Successful utilization of IPC-CFX on the shop floor requires confidence and trust that equipment has been qualified to IPC-CFX by an independent third party. To provide the electronics industry with this assurance, equipment vendors shown below have equipment models meeting IPC-2591 (CFX) requirements and are Qualified Product Listed (QPL). To see specific equipment that meets IPC-2591 QPL Click here to access the IPC-CFX-2591 QPL. 

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