U.S. Senate Revives Hope on CHIPS Funding

By Chris Mitchell, IPC vice president, global government relations

Yesterday, the U.S. Senate passed a motion to proceed to debate on a slimmed down federal R&D bill that includes more than $52 billion funding to implement the CHIPS Act. The motion passed 64-34, which is a  sign of strong Senate support for the bill.  We could see additional changes to the bill as it is considered by the Senate. 

A sense of urgency is driving action on the bill. Senate and House leaders want to send the bill to the President before the August district work period, which begins on July 27. Failure to enact the bill this month or early August would likely postpone final passage until after the November elections.

IPC strongly supports passage of the CHIPS Act funding, which includes at least $2.5 billion for a new National Advanced Packaging Manufacturing Program. Companies engaged in standing up packaging and IC substrate facilities will have opportunities to tap into funding for R&D, new facilities, and workforce training through the programs authorized by the CHIPS Act. IPC is urging federal officials to structure these initiatives to deliver benefits across the electronics manufacturing industry.

The CHIPS Act is not a panacea, however. Instead, it is a meaningful first step in helping to rebuild the U.S. electronics manufacturing industry. The Executive Branch and Congress must continue to support – through long-term policy and funding – the larger ecosystem that sustains innovative, resilient and secure electronics manufacturing.