Need Training in the Fundamentals of Electronics Assembly?

Look no further than IPC Workforce Development Programs – a series of courses designed to facilitate the long-term retention of practical, job-specific knowledge and skills

IPC Workforce Development courses help IPC members overcome the challenges posed by the skills gap while simultaneously providing opportunities for employees to build skills and enhance their careers.

For example, the Electronics Assembly for Operators course is ideal for students and operators new to the electronics industry as well as current operators and technicians that need to learn or refamiliarize themselves with the fundamental aspects of electronics assembly.

Available online, Electronics Assembly for Operators introduces the key concepts, tools, materials, and processes that operators require for building printed circuit board assemblies (PCAs). Participants can complete the core set of nine modules to receive their certificate of qualification, then select among nine voluntary modules for process-specific training. The nine required and optional modules cover the following topics:

Required Modules

  1. Intro to Electronics Industry
  2. Introduction to Printed Circuit Board Assembly
  3. Overview of the Electronics Assembly & Soldering Processes
  4. Safety
  5. ESD & Product Handling
  6. Component Identification
  7. Drawings, Specifications, and Measurements
  8. Basic PCA/PCB Defects
  9. IPC Standards

Optional Modules

  1. Hand Soldering
  2. SMT Technology
  3. TH Technology
  4. Wire and Cable Preparation
  5. Wires & Terminals Technology
  6. Cables and Harness Technology
  7. Hardware
  8. Conformal Coating
  9. Press Fit

Electronics Assembly for Operators is just one of several current and upcoming IPC Workforce Development courses offered 24/7 through the IPC EDGE Learning Management System. Each course is developed by industry experts and educational specialists to help electronics companies and their employees close the skills gap.

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