IPC’s December 2020 Economic Report: U.S. and EU Outlook

As we set to close 2020, we look forward to 2021 with trepidation but also with a degree of optimism. We’re closing out one of the worst years in history, and when the dust settles, global real GDP growth will be down 3.7 percent. The United States economy will have fallen by 3.5 percent during the year, the worst annual decline since the that, the Great Depression. 2020 is one of the 10 worst years in the 200+ years of U.S. history.

As we present the December economic outlook report, we reflect that in some ways, 2020 could have been worse, but in many ways, it could have been better.

In this month’s report, you will find U.S. and European data on economic growth, employment, Manufacturer’s Sentiment (PMI) and end markets for electronics.

You will also find details on industrial production, capacity utilization, PCB production data and North American PCB bookings.

Please let us know how you use this research along with what other details you would like to see from IPC.  We welcome your thoughts and feedback.