IPC President & CEO Dr. John W. Mitchell Engages in High-Level Dialogue at Keidanren’s Seminar on International Standards Strategy

John W. Mitchell, IPC president and CEO presenting on international standards development in Tokyo.

Dr. John W. Mitchell, President & CEO of IPC, contributed his expertise as a panel speaker at the prestigious Keidanren Top Management Seminar on International Standards Strategy in Tokyo on June 1. The event convened a distinguished group of policymakers, industry leaders, and experts to explore the pivotal role of international standardization in driving global collaboration and securing competitive advantages.

The panel discussion was moderated by Shigeto Wada, Chair of the Policy Planning Subcommittee of the Keidanren Committee on IP and Corporate Senior Vice President of NEC. Other esteemed panelists included Miki Yamanaka from Daikin Industries, Nao Nishikawa from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), and Iwao Hojoki from National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT).


Key Discussion Points:

  1. Collaborative Domain in the Global Market: Dr. Mitchell emphasized the strategic importance of proactive involvement in international standard-setting, allowing companies to mold the industry's future and gain a competitive edge. He showcased IPC’s collaborative efforts with its 3,200 member companies, including prominent Japanese corporations like Toyota, and their collective impact on global industry standardization.
  2. Strategic Partnership Building and Talent Development: Dr. Mitchell highlighted IPC as an exceptional platform for Japanese companies to forge strategic alliances with international businesses. He also highlighted IPC’s educational programs, which are highly regarded by engineers worldwide, as pivotal for talent development and industry advancement.
  3. Japan’s Winning Strategies for Society 5.0 and SDGs: Addressing the theme of Society 5.0 and the SDGs, Dr. Mitchell introduced IPC’s initiatives in advanced packaging technology, underscoring its significance for AI utilization and energy efficiency.

Dr. Mitchell expressed his appreciation to Keidanren for Keidanren policy paper issued in February 2024, which recognizes IPC as an important collaborative partner for Japan. He stressed the need to strengthen collaborative ties between IPC and the Japanese business community.

He also mentioned IPC's goal to foster industry innovation and competitiveness of our members on a global scale, adding, "We're excited to keep working with Keidanren and support Japan's leadership in the international standards arena," he concluded.