IPC Members: Your Voice is Needed in Washington, D.C. on May 21-23

Your presence is needed in Washington, D.C. Hearing from constituents like you, whose businesses are affected by their decisions, can have a significant impact upon policymakers. The more executives our industry can rally, the stronger our collective voice will be and the more likely we will have a positive impact. You can register for IMPACT at www.ipc.org/IMPACT-2018.

This event is a unique opportunity to join your industry peers and advocate on behalf of the electronics manufacturing industry for policy issues that can affect the way your company does business.

During this two-and-a-half-day event you will:
• Collaborate with industry executives who share your commitment to the industry;
• Learn more about the policy issues we face and deliver research-based positions and solutions to the U.S. Government;
• Speak with leaders in Congress and the Administration in support of our common priorities; and
• Address your company’s concerns and personal experiences.

This year, we will be advocating on issues related to:
• Regulatory reform;
• Strengthening the electronics industry supply chain; and
• Workforce and education