IPC, European Parliament Work to Bolster European Chips Act

Last week, Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Eva Maydell expressed to participants of IPC’s European Executive Forum her commitment to see a European Chips Act that would bolster the entire semiconductor ecosystem, including those segments critical to advanced packaging. 

That’s good news for the electronics industry given the important role that MEP Maydell plays in the European Parliament’s ongoing deliberations on the Chips Act. She is the EPP Group Rapporteur on the Chips Act and the Rapporteur on the Chips Joint Undertaking.

In her remarks to IPC members, she noted that Europe commands only 5% of packaging capability globally, a percentage that will need to increase given the criticality of advanced packaging for performance as well as lower energy consumption. Always a champion for innovation, she also offered to continue to work with IPC and the European electronics industry in the lead-up to her draft report on the Chips Joint Regulation.

IPC has been in touch with MEP Maydell and with many of her colleagues to bolster the Chips Act by providing: 

  • A definition for advanced packaging that includes assembly and test, IC substrate fabrication, and embedded components 
  • Greater affirmative support for investments in advanced packaging R&D and industrial capacity
  • Greater articulation that the Chips Act is the 1st step in a process of strengthening Europe’s electronics manufacturing ecosystem. 

IPC is working with our members and industry peers to secure greater support within the European Parliament. If you're interested in learning more about IPC’s efforts, please contact me at AlisonJames@ipc.org.